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Comment Re:Good luck at that... it isn't just nations... (Score 1) 146

Good luck with that, MS. The adversaries out there are not just nations who might have something to gain by playing fair or following rules due to game theory, but terrorist groups, criminal organizations, heck, even disaffected college students.

Just because it does not address every threat doesn't mean that a digital treaty is not worthwhile. For one thing, state sponsored attacks are likely to be far more sophisticated than what "disaffected college students" can do. When the US conducted Operation Olympic Games, they set a dangerous precedent in digital warfare. And history shows that rules can be applied to warfare. Not perfectly, to be sure, but perhaps better than no rules at all.

Comment Re:PCIe RAID (Score 3, Informative) 78

Are PCIe drives so reliable now, as to not needing RAID?

Personally, I never want a single point-of-failure in my storage system, no matter how reliable the devices are. Good NVMe SSD drives aren't cheap though, so I can imagine people running them without RAID if they're very confident about their backups and can withstand a bit of downtime.

What I find really interesting though is pushing the limits of performance by striping two or more of these drives together in RAID 0.

You're right, however, that hardware support for PCIe RAID is not really there yet.

Comment Re:Our Attitude To Tech Resources (Score 1) 133

I run a virtual Domain Controller / DNS Server / DHCP Server for a small network using dynamic memory allocation on a Hyper-V hypervisor. It' settings are as follows: Startup RAM = 768 MB, Minimum RAM = 512 MB, Maximum RAM = 1536 MB. So it can grab a bit more or a bit less RAM that what it starts up with as needed. The current allocation is 772 MB. It could take double that if needed, but hasn't. Conclusion: You can run a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine quite comfortably on 1 GB RAM.

Comment Re:"Threatens"? (Score 1) 376

the design of the things will encourage, if not require, Internet connectivity to work

And that's precisely the point at which one should vote with their pocketbook whether or not they want such features to be mandatory.

As consumers, hell, as human beings, we do have the power to protest things. We don't have to just lay down and say this type of "progress" can't be stopped. Otherwise, be prepared to buy antivirus software for your toaster, and have Google profiling how dark you like your toast.>/p>

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