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Comment Re:whose fraud??? (Score 1) 188

... and ignored requests to take down infringing material ...

Bullshit there. Megaupload removed every link to infringing material where notice was given that it was infringing copyright in accordance with the DMCA. They were in fact very careful to comply with the DMCA. What they didn't do was remove links to the same material that weren't in the notice.

Megaupload hashed every file and if more than one person uploaded the same file, they only stored it once and linked both accounts to the same file. So their approach makes sense - if Peter and Paul both upload the same file and Peter is violating copyright it doesn't mean Paul is also (he may even be the creator.)

In real life of course there are often many violators posting the same file, and Megaupload were well aware that piracy was a huge driver of their success. Nevertheless, your statement is factually incorrect.

Comment This is not news (Score 1) 247

It is opinion.

I do not claim it is wrong.

I am not denigrating the author.

It is, however, just an opinion published on someone's blog. Hence the disclaimer (if you read all the way to the bottom.)

Slashdot is supposed to publish news for nerds, and this is not that.

Comment And replace them with what? (Score 1) 299

Has anyone ever told these people that someone somewhere up the line has to pay for them to f*** about? I'd like to build you a house. I don't know yet how big it's going to be, because I haven't designed it yet. I don't know how long it's going to take to build it. I want you to pay me an indeterminate sum of money for it... And I want you to pay for it before you get it. In fact I want you to start paying me now, and keep paying every month until it's done. I'll tell you when it's done. Who wants to buy my house?

Comment Re:Just starting now? (Score 1) 373

You're going to get a fairly poisson-shaped distribution of heavy to light people forward to back, left to right, etc. With the number of flights we have in the world today, there are going to be times when the weight distribution in a plane is accidentally very unbalanced. The airlines need to be able to weigh individual people if they want to be deterministic about that.

Comment Location, location, location (Score 2) 205

If, hypothetically, you had emigrated to San Francisco USA rather than NZ and Megaupload had been a US-based company do you think it would have been more or less vulnerable to the kind of action it was shut down by? Bonus points for an insightful discussion of the value of political contributions, etc.

Comment Developers _are_doing it (Score 4, Insightful) 214

A lot of software developers are doing what RMS says a lot of time. It's just that almost noone does it all the time.

It's clearly evident from the amount of GNU and GPL software out there that wasn't written by RMS that people are following his ideas. And that those ideas have succeeded, simply by the success of that same software in the marketplace.

It's not a failure of the ideal when developers of open source also write proprietary software to pay the bills.

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