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Comment Re:Second that (Score 2) 477

No. 20 years ago, only 1 in 5 people were clueless about technical topics, so by and large, active posters in DIY tech forums knew what they were talking about.

And if they had problems and questions, they knew what information to provide in their posts.

Now, less than 1 in 5 participants have a clue.

4 out of 5 have no idea how to post a technical question, and no idea how to give people who might be able to help the context they need to give useful advice.

Bottom line: People on the 'net are universally more incompetent, which causes the few smart people left to get pissy and short tempered due them constantly being inundated by the same stupid questions posited by people who have no interest (let alone ability) to provide the needed context to facilitate a useful answer.

The delicate flowers demanding moderation only make things works, because it drives off anybody with a clue, so you're left with a forum filled with morons and griefers.

Comment Re:And get pence in power? great idea (Score 1) 497

The guy doesn't own any firearms. He's a clueless moron.

Anybody who owns a rifle knows there is no such thing as a "sniper rifle".

Sniper is the person, rifle is the tool. Any weapon can be used by a sniper, including rifles.

A screw driver wielded by a sniper does not make it a sniper screwdriver.

He's an idiot.

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