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Comment Apple being retarded != MS superiority (Score 1) 313

Apple's biggest issues IMHO....

1.) Assuming pro users would buy a souped-up Macbook Air with no ability to upgrade RAM or storage.

2.) Assuming pro users will only want pen and touch support in a locked-down consumer appliance that's not suited for content creation. We want a Macbook tablet/2-in-1.... preferably with SO-DIMM slots and replaceable SSD. The iOS and Mac teams should not worry about "competing" with each other.

3.) Assuming pro users are OK with dated CPU and weaker GPU's compared to cheaper Winblows machines.

I'm actually OK with USB-C and needing dongles in the short-term (though I want magsafe back). I just want a modern capable machine that can be upgraded and the ability to use pen and touch. And for them trying to slowly lock people into the Mac App Store.

Comment Re:Funny..... (Score 3, Insightful) 305

Private citizens maybe but I think e-mail and cloud storage providers should be treated more as "common carriers" and only respond to legit legal requests for such data rather than enthusiastically embarking on witch hunts to do law enforcement dirty work. What you're sort of advocating would be like the post office reading all of your sealed mail in just in case you might be a pedophile and letting law enforcement know you might be a pothead.

Why shouldn't I expect the same rights that I enjoy (theoretically, not in practice) with telephones and snail mail to carry over into the digital realm? The USPS is govt run in name only these days and is more of a private organization. Would you be cool with UPS searching all of your packages because a computer said there could be pictures of underage titties in there somewhere?

What this boils down to is the government is using private companies to circumvent the constitution using the same old "think of the children" tripe that brought us the drug war with a double-dose of tyranny and it's sickening.

Comment Funny..... (Score 2, Insightful) 305

Funny.... I'd have PTSD from being forced to engage in warrantless surveillance. Splitting hairs because it's "Microsoft's server, since they aren't the feds they can do anything they want" doesn't make it a good thing to do. They are effectively acting as law enforcement and assisting the feds in sidestepping the 4th amendment. The few people they catch doesn't warrant the intrusion on many people who didn't deserve it. Much like the patriot act and butthole searches at airports. Especially if they report "other crimes" which may be victimless.

THAT would give me PTSD. If I wanted to be law enforcement and "catch bad guys" I would have gotten a criminal justice degree and worked in law enforcement where there's proper checks and balances.

Comment Gee I wonder why.... (Score 1) 228

- Only device you can get a touchscreen/active stylus with is an overpriced boutique internet appliance.

- Only hardware innovation in years is a goofy touch bar.

- Only major changes in hardware is to make things slightly thinner and remove any aspect of user upgrade/serviceability. Can't even swap SSD or upgrade RAM in PRO models.

- OSX is becoming increasingly locked down. Even installing something like TotalTerminal has become a pain in the ass.

- Increasing efforts to force everyone through a silly app store on desktop systems.

If Apple truly gave a shit about the OSX ecosystem they would either license it to other PC manufacturers or open source it. The mac division is slowly committing suicide. I would love something like an MS Surface with a better keyboard and OSX. They also need to bring back a mid-range tower with slots. The iMac is just not the end-all be-all of desktop machines and is far from affordable. The Mac Pro has even been left to rot.

There is just nothing appealing for the creatives/power users/engineers that evangelized for and made the platform great. It's just overpriced locked down Wintel trash that is disposable these days. I'm not paying $1,500+ for a disposable computer.

Comment Re:Good for SpaceX (Score 2) 75

You honestly think Boeing and Lockheed haven't blown anything up and we've never experienced rockets exploding upon launch before when overpaid pork-barrel contractors are involved? Remember the Navy's kaputnik? Remember Challenger? Remember many test pilots killed in experimental planes? How about combat pilots killed due to the P-38's issues in a dive?

Stop being a shill. Rockets explode sometimes, especially ones that are innovative and new.

Comment Re:One rule for them and another for us (Score 4, Insightful) 314

One rule for them and another for us.
Hillary using email doesn't sound so bad in comparison now does it?

Hillary using e-mail wasn't the problem. It was her setting up an insecure private MS Exchange server in order to avoid oversight from the government or public (via FOIA requests) and to make her willful destruction of evidence so much easier.

I love how people try to downplay this as if it was an "accidental" slip and a trivial oversight on her part. Flynn is obviously a douche as well who needs his ass kicked.

Oh.... almost forgot.... FUCK YOUR PARTISAN BULLSHIT!

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