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Comment Re: Nope (Score 2) 313

It's the inability to be able to figure stuff out on your own in Linux that kills it for me. It's designed by people that deep down inside hate GUIs. You need Google to find out what they've decided you need to type into terminal to make things happen. If rather not open my self to that kind of irritating frustration.

Comment Re:Big data is gonna kill small crime (Score 1) 85

Thats basically like trying to force the effects of eugenics without having actual eugenics. Its not easy to modify instinctual behavior that easily. You can force it if you try hard enough, but you end up with an awfully oppressive society to achieve it. Might as well just go ahead with actual eugenics, just approach it from a positive reward system rather than a negative.

Comment Presenting real facts... (Score 1, Insightful) 399

Can darn sure change peoples opinions. Saying you hate Hillary because "insert subjective drivel" won't change anyone's minds. Posting the damning email evidence that she is lying crook will change the minds of any sensible people. The problem is how little your vote really matters and how you're forced into a two party competition rather than a real candidate competition.

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