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Comment Re:I can't write code that compiles (Score 1) 437

Me either. I jump around so much between PHP, Javascript, Classic ASP, Bash scripting, and Batch scripting, that it takes me a while to get reacquainted with a language after even a short time away. I realize none of the languages I listed even compile (other than maybe JIT), but I don't really do much that needs to output binary programs.

Comment Re:Don't buy this (Score 1) 435

people claiming it flakes off non-stick cookware and causes a whole litany of health problems does flake off of non-stick cookware. Eating it is relatively harmless, though.

It also vaporizes under high cooking heat - and that is at least known to kill birds. It's only a literal canary in the proverbial coal mine, but it's a hint that it may not be good for people either.

Comment Netflix revenue is irrelevant (Score 1) 54

Netflix still lords over everyone as far as revenue goes.

Yeah, paying massive license fees to media companies all over the world will require you to do that. It doesn't mean it's particularly impressive or profitable - most of it is not their money.

Contrast that to Facebook, their costs are mostly internal. While not all their revenue is profit either, a much larger portion is spread around their own operation.

Comment Re: The Market at Work (Score 2) 144

While you're right on the U.S. - fake map data is not copyrightable - but in other countries it serves as proof that the collection was copied rather than individual facts.

On the case you mentioned, cite your source on where they had fake listings. I couldn't find anything on that.

Comment Re:and this is news because...? (Score 1) 130

All true. With Vsync turned on, you still get tearing, because you're actually between refreshes. Down the road, I expect there to be a port with double-buffering where you can sync the most recently *finished* frame to the screen, but it's still a compromise on latency. Snes9x won't vsync properly either - it just has uneven animation because the emulator is likely doing double-buffering and snapping to the nearest screen refresh. Pick one or the other, but they are both trade-offs.

Adaptive displays are actually not a bad thing anyway - I watch a lot of British TV. And 50Hz does not convert well to 60Hz - nor does 25p to 30p. And Brits and Americans alike have trouble with 24Hz.

For some of this, it was solved with a least common multiple - this was the real reason for 120Hz TVs. It divides evenly into 24p, 60Hz, and 30p. Short of a 600Hz refresh rate, you won't see an LCM that handles 50, 60, and 75Hz.

With all of that said, the NES runs at 60.1Hz. Adaptive sync is going to be a lot easier than a true 600Hz refresh rate anyway.

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