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Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 200

Well, thinking out loud, Not much space really, if we are looking to spread failure risk around. So first look at the ability to get the dead abandoned spaces into the grid. IE: blighted area's. Next, think in the sense of 3d stacking of the battery buildings. I'm thinking it's going to look like a container ship cell design myself.

So we got rid of some blighted area's, next we have to optimize already used space IE: parking lot's, smaller local distribution.

And 1 space that I see used somewhat in Florida, under the massive powerlines ( the real thick big ones ) that's a lot of acre's

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 157

What you forgot to mention... the plant was built a reasonable distance from people, but over time , people encroached on it. and it get's worst, the plant was in violation of some reasonable security measure ( well maybe not a violation but common sense ) and built illegally certain parts of it's factory. So it's multiple problems, A) lack of oversite B) lack of local government control asking the developers not to develop, and C) lack of local government asking and or demanding that common sense and building rules be followed.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 157

Those are all great question. At the end of the day, in a condo, the rules are really specific about strangers on premises. Leases in FL state that if a guest of yours stays more than an agreed time ( 15 days on average ), you need to register them. And people will over time learn what you are up to if you are breaking the rules. ... as for your motorcycle incident, a smart property will outright ban them on premise, otherwise, it's a tow in the morning if the ban is placed in the entrance ( we do it consistently )...

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 1) 157

Many people talk about "neighbor(s) from hell", well there is a great resolution for it. it's filing Properly all legal complaints. I've done it to the point where a court house clerk said we are becoming friends. Long story short, I filed for 2 years every possible legally valid complaint I could defend, and then when they made a big mistake, I jumped on it, they pursued peace, file a few claims against them and the insurance company, they sold....

I respect your right to do whatever the fuck you want, just don't bother me, leave me out of it, let me grow my vegetables and sleep. 11pm is night time and 8am is the start of the any and all construction...

Comment Re: Fucking (Score 2) 157

What a truthful answer. Also, I happen to agree with you. I live in a condo where the rules are very specific about rentals and guest registration ( basically rent out your place 1 time a year, and renters guest have to have a criminal background check ) . Airbnb brought about people for holiday ( I live a 20 minute walk to the beach ) which are here for holiday ( have fun, have parties, have joy ) and are rather interesting lot of people, mostly good but many have little property or neighbor respect.

I was tasked to weed out this issue. Which I did with great vigor, and resolved all. The biggest problem is; Confrontation of an owner, they forgot that they acknowledge that they read the condo rules. which are clear about short term rentals. and with the gentle reminder that legal department charge both parties and that I would win at the end, it would cost them their condos ( a condo lien last until sold or foreclosed, but at the end, it's paid in full to the association ).

I would advise all, if you buy a vacation home, make sure that you read the condo rules and are clear about short term rental, there is viable reason why my building is priced at a 15% to 30% discount to a liberal rental policy buildings.

Comment Re:Interesting, Dave Chappelle. (Score 1) 552

>>>That's an interesting point. Since the venue is not public, can the venue owner ban blacks and jews from entering the "private venue"?

I called up a friend, he's a lawyer. he said,
the word venue is vague in this context so...

if you rented a place, and it's a peaceful gathering to speak, and people are by private invite only ( friends and family with no $$$ )
you can block the door to all or anyone, it's your place, your rules. think of weddings, whom you invite is private. you can not discriminate against the staff that works the location.

if you are selling tickets to a show, then everyone is welcome

Comment Re:Is it even possible? (Score 1) 237

You are correct ( my person views only ) about the private sector and consumer level self-healing. As an observation of self-interest and I don't have the cite source facts, look at the bridges and roads of the USA. Most bridges ( greater than 50% ) are in need of major repair ( read that in 2012, can't find the source ). We don't have enough qualified Bridge inspectors in the USA to look and write reports ( we have less than 100, and I am sure the report I read said 42 in the entire USA ).

Heck we need a huge amount of money to be spent on logistics repair and or replacements.

Read about the Brooklyn bridge, it was built with triple redundancy and that's what saved it when NY ran out of money for maintenance in the 70's and could only emergency maintenance. Imagine all those bridges built in the 50's and 60's, they need fixing.

Comment Re:Is it even possible? (Score 1) 237

Aware that I am replying to an AC.

The problem with the self-healing theory is the following; the multiple of grids go down.... the few basic grids on a regional level are, your basic 15 - 20 power grids. 20 or so huge Air and rail transport grids, lucky for us, the USA has redundancy system built in, it's all radio and physical. Logistical grids fail in general so expect food stocks to dwindle to nothing.

Not sure about water grids, I think they are local-ish or state-ish

We won't die, or at least a large percentage will live, the problem is the re-boot.

Comment Re:11 GHz (Score 1) 282

While I agree with you that I can't tell if he is serious or not, Let's take a quick look at the maybe's:

We do have radio by 1899 the Marconi, so that's 115 years for solid

in 1850's we have large scale telegraph systems so that's 165 years

I don't know of any man-made electric noise that could possibly travel 90+ light years prior to 1850...

buy maybe someone else on /. could help

Comment Re:how enforcable (Score 1) 639

Like the old joke, "you think Ferraris are expensive, how about combine, eats fuel, and driven for 2 weeks a year " It's going away.
What has happen is you now have more and more corporate farmers, Business that are in the Ag field have learned to hire farmers and families that know " the lay of the land ". A client of mine is a 2nd or 3rd generation corporate farmer, same corporate house, same corporate owners, and they get a great pay. Also, they have an amazing home here in Florida, 40 acres of farm land that they rent out and vacation 3 months a year during the cold. Farming has become a bigger business than what it was.

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