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Comment How Do We Know Apple Isn't Pulling a VW? (Score 1) 164

So Apple released a closed-source patch for this issue and Consumer Reports is supposedly taking them on their word that the new software is legit. Is there any way to verify that the fixed software is definitely not using cached data so that the test accurately reflects the browsing habits of a user visiting many different sites over the course of the battery cycle? If not, then how do we know that Apple isn't faking the test by using cached data in a similar fashion to the way VW faked emissions tests in their diesel vehicles?

Comment Thanks, HTC!! (Score 1) 205

For years, I've refused to buy a new phone because they always had an annoying headphone jack. I always hated it with its stupid port and for providing me with the option to listen to music while charging. I was really excited when Apple innovated the iPhone 7 without the headphone jack but I'm not really into the iPhone right now because it doesn't offer enough dongles yet. Thank you, HTC, for recognizing what users want and giving us a reason to shell out money for a new phone!

Comment Re:Temps, staffing firms, 30 hour working 40-50?, (Score 1) 186

Many of the warehouse jobs are part-time and they hire tons of temps over the holiday season to avoid having to pay overtime to the part-timers. I spoke with a friend that works part-time in one of their warehouses and he said that he got fewer hours over the holiday season than last year because of the number of temps that they hired. So the number of workers will go up but the hours of the existing workers could potentially decline.

Comment Re:Preempting Apple (Score 1) 106

Everyone seems insistent on copying all of the features of the iPhone, even the absolutely braindead ones like removing the headphone jack. If I was Apple, I would "leak" rumors of extremely ridiculous changes to the next version of the iPhone, watch as the competition scrambled to beat me to market to release a phone full of things nobody wants, and then release a new iPhone that has the features people actually want. Of course that will never happen since Apple itself is all too focused on figuring out the next great thing to remove from their own phones. Sometimes I think the phone manufacturers have a bet to see who's customers have the highest levels of attrition.

Comment Re:Go back to make it illegal. (Score 4, Informative) 270

In 2013 Obama signed a bill

If you want to attach name(s) to legislation please disclose all the names and parties of the people who proposed the legislation, the majority parties who passed it, and the name of the president that signed it. In this case, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was proposed by Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), and it passed a Republican majority in the House and Senate, and was finally signed by Obama (D). Disclosing this information gives people a fuller picture of who is to praise/blame, especially when both parties are responsible for its passage.

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