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Comment Re:Popular Science reports... (Score 1) 372

Yup. By and large, red states receive more in federal funding than they pay in taxes. The same people who voted for the GOP will get hurt most by their policies.

When the populace realizes how badly they've been fleeced - and at some point, no amount of FOX or Breitbart will be sufficient to overcome the cognitive dissonance between what FOX and Breitbart report and what the red-staters experience - anyhow, when they realize that, the GOP will be in trouble, and will split between a rich-money party, a religious party, and some form of economic populism which focuses on the ensuring rising tides for the poor and middle-class as well as the rich.....

Comment Re: Countdown (Score 1) 101

Or better still, "They are an increasingly unregulated bloated bureaucracy that can't survive without statutory advantages which allow them to gouge from consumers who don't understand that telco regulation exists for a reason, and it's not to stifle innovation, it's to restrict disadvantaging the customers in a very slanted business environment"

Comment Re:Overpriced (Score 1) 101

Even Passport is ridiculously overpriced for what it offers. I spent a month in northern Europe earlier this year and the AT&T Passport service was a PITA - overpriced, slow, and prone to exceptions which allow them to overcharge even more.

But given the current deregulatory environment, prices will only go up....

Comment Re: "defined as homeless here, mostly sharing home (Score 1) 504

Sometimes people do go from homed to homeless in one step.
Sometimes it happens in steps.
The fact that this occupies a continuum rather than a binary status makes it more difficult to classify homeless vs homed as well as provide and (more importantly) justify services to them. There's a whole contingent of people who think that sleeping in a room under a roof == homed. Sleeping indoors in a situation where a person lacks stability and can be un-homed again at someone else's desire is not homed....not necessarily homeless, either.

There are multiple issues.
Housing supply
Housing cost
Housing stability/security.

I tend to think that public studios, like a small version of UK Council Housing, would help at least get people roofs over their heads for a sliding-scale cost, looking at it as a public good (e.g., homelessness is bad for many reasons, at least one of which involves epidemiological and other public health concerns). Once people have at least some stability, they can start building something - but lots of mentally ill homeless are too fragile to do that.

Comment Re: Economic refugees (Score 1) 504

That capital gains taxes are so low is a sign of significant malaise, at best, casuistry in our tax argument.
Capital gains taxes being low incentivizes rent-seeking behavior, and that is not good for anyone but the rent-seeker.
It contributes *nothing* to the country as a whole, and sucks value out of the economy where it becomes static - it's not being spent - which further slows down the economy.

We call it 'currency' for a reason - it flows in currents, and when it doesn't, trust in it fades.

Comment Re: Economic refugees (Score 1) 504

The tax codes have become insanely complicated, mostly due to the codes being used for a social engineering carrot and stick, and if this doesn't get fixed, things will get ugly and it will be uglyist for those on unearned entitlements.

The tax codes have become insanely complicated, mostly due to the codes being adjusted to allow the rich to retain income at the expense of the common good, and abandoning progressive taxation because 'fuck you, I've got mine' is the rich's motto.

There, ftfy.

Comment Re: This works for me (Score 1) 416

They're already talking about throwing it into the house, where the GOP will put Mr. Kasich in - and he is no less moderate than Mr. Trump, just better behaved. This will happen despite the fact that Ms. Clinton has a very clear popular vote lead of some 2.5MM votes, because partisan behavior is essentially not possible to overcome.

Comment Re:Do you now realize why Trump won? (Score 1) 600

Do you have any substantive critique, or is name-calling the sole piece of your debate repertoire?

Net-net, even if factories come back, automation will be doing most of the work, and the people who will work in those factories will (by and large) be hands-on technical people, not grunt labor. That is NOT coming back. And if you're in denial of that, well, you'll find yourself in a difficult position when your job is replaced by a robot, bc traditionally, the powers that be have not looked kindly on the backlash Luddism you're implying you espouse.

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