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Comment IBM on track to.. (Score 5, Insightful) 34

IBM on track to demonstrate just how broken the US patent system is.

I mean, for fucks sake, it's getting to where it is literally impossible for any company to produce anything at all without violating some patent from some asshole who will never even produce the fucking thing.
I think it would be better to ignore patent law all together. You know, like the US did after ww2 ;)

Comment Cruise missles (Score 1) 406

I am not sure you are aware of this, but aircraft carriers are huge targets. China has invested huge sums of money in hypersonic anti-ship cruise missiles. They have tons of the things. And they have a long range. Unless you are saying that the US can magically shoot them all down, if a hot war came around, the US navy would find its ships very quickly reduced in numbers.

Comment Why don't you like it? (Score 1) 406

Just out of curiosity, why don't you like it?
Is it because of the "evil" communism thing? I would argue that they're version of pure capitalism is far more scary.
Though, the government, thankfully, is trying like hell to dial that back. "profit at any cost" is very dangerous to everyone.

Countries rise and fall. That's just the way of things. China, at one time was the most power civilization on the planet. They invented all kinds of amazing things and made huge advancements in our knowledge about how the world works.
Still, I do hope that the US can get their shit together. I don't see that happening though. For years now they have made higher education more and more difficult to get for the average person. The political elite are becoming more and more openly corrupt. More and more power is being given to corporations. No, I do not see this going well for the American people.

Comment Re: Time for war (Score 1) 406

Remember the time that Japan gathered up all the white people and put them into work camps during WW2? No? Oh yeah, that is what the Americans did to anyone who looked Asian during WW2. They also confiscated all their property and belonging. Most of which were never returned.
Get off your fucking high horse.
People, in general, are fucking monsters when they are scared. Morality goes out the window. It doesnt matter if you are White, Asian or Black. Japanese, Chinese, American or Mexican. Everyone is capable of the same atrocities.

Comment Re:Time for war (Score 2) 406

So, yeah.... actually the US does shit like this all the time. Are you suggesting that only the US can do it and all other countries must bow before their US masters?
Face it man, the world is changing. The US, like it or not, is on the decline. Countries like China and Russia smell the blood in the water and are getting ready.
Of course, when an animal is dying is when it can be the most dangerous. Thus, i would think that the world is actually closer to a hot war than at any time since ww2.

Comment Re:Time for war (Score 1) 406

I think that this fallacy is based on the US version of war. When the entire western world is at war and a country like the US builds up a huge manufacturing base to supply war goods, then sends a few million workers over to be killed, thus freeing up a lot of slot, then when the war ends and that country, which was totally untouched since the war happened a long way away has the only manufacturing base left in the western world not destroyed by bombings, then yes, in this situation it can be good for their economy.
Of course, for literally everyone else, it is fucking terrible. But, you go on and destroy some countries to boost your economy. Maybe though, in the next war, with some of your cities flattened, you wont think its such a great idea.

Comment Re:Are you joking?? (Score 2) 406

Seriously, you must be joking. I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but in the US, you don't make shit. Sure, you design stuff, but you produce all your shit in China and other 3rd and 2nd world countries.
And you think blocking incoming goods would not lose jobs? If you are not making shit, then what are most of you doing? Oh yeah... selling shit. If there is no shit to sell and no shit to buy then there is no need to have a job selling shit. No need to have a job designing shit either since you cant afford to produce it in the US since it would be too expensive to buy because no one has a job since there is no more shit to sell.
It's all connected man.

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