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Comment Re:AC is not the reason for bad design (Score 4, Insightful) 117

Most home buyers are only looking at the monthly payments. The only customers who know about home design (or who will hire someone else who does) are those that can put more than 20% down. The rest simply don't know, don't care, or won't pay for professional advice.

Most home sales are to uninformed customers; and the builders cater to them.

As of now, commercial and industrial construction are more amenable to new ideas.

Comment Re: What else is there and where do they get the d (Score 1) 95

Why would a database of voter records include a party affiliation field? Don't know how you do it in the US, but in the UK we only store the relationship between voter number and vote slip number, and even that is only on paper and burnt a year later along with the vote slips.

Party affiliation is public record in the states. How easy it is to obain the records varies, but some (like Florida) are downloadable, including home address (determines which local elections you are able to vote in).

Comment Re:voluntary (Score 1) 18

Which employees need email with the general public: Sales? Public Relations? Recruitment?
Which employees need email to specific outside people: accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, management, etc.
How about two email systems? A restricted one for employees who work with money or budgets and an external one for everyone else.

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