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Comment Re:The article is much too kind ... (Score 2) 381

I lived / worked in Japan for 8 years as an engineer - I know a fuckload about what I'm speaking about. Moved away earlier this year because of the stupid levels of jingoism (rather than xenophobia - that's usually aimed at the Koreans / Chinese.) The majority of the racism that's spoke of isn't there - there's a distrust of English teachers (particularly people on JET) because they're rather likely to run from their debts, but that's (somewhat) understandable. Anyone who takes David Aldwinckle at face value - which you seem to be doing - is the uninformed idiot.

Comment Re:The article is much too kind ... (Score 4, Informative) 381

Unless he's ethnically Korean or Chinese he could get citizenship pretty easily - they make it easier than getting indefinite leave to remain (a "Green Card" in the US I believe) but he'd have to give up any existing citizenships (which is the reason that so few people from Europe / the US do)

Comment Re:The article is much too kind ... (Score 1) 381

You're allowed to vote in the UK for up to 15 years after you move to another country (I was under the assumption it was 5, the law appears to have changed after I left) though I'm under the understanding it would technically be illegal for you to be a member of a political party in the UK whilst living overseas.

Comment Tories aren't Labour (Score 1) 156

This is something that Labour went out of their way to keep illegal during the last copyright review - hopefully this helps show that while the Conservatives are evil amoral bastards, at least they're not quite so crazily desperate to set up a police state (by criminalising things that everyone does AND trying to remove the right to a jury trial / destroying the idea of double jeopardy)

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