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Submission + - Analytics at Spotify (

palmerj3 writes: A look into how Spotify uses data to provide music recommendations, make decisions, etc.

Comment Not representative of NYC (Score 5, Interesting) 235

I am one of the 20-somethings who have followed this similar career path.

Simply put - I stay at a company until I feel there is nothing more to learn and/or another company offers a greater challenge & opportunity to learn.

Money generally comes with greater challenges, but it has never been my ultimate driving force. This is the reason why I've never (and will never) accept a counter offer.

So how do you keep 20-somethings from leaving? Build a company that constantly researches & implements new technologies. Build a company that contributes to open-source so developers interact with other (better) developers. Send developers to conferences and maybe arrange for them to speak at conferences if appropriate. Allow them to expense tech books. You get where I'm going here. Nothing is stopping your employees from leaving your company for another hot tech company so it's your job to create an environment that attracts good engineers. A boring Java shop with a CTO that is doing nothing to retain talent is only going to be used as a stepping stone to better jobs.

Submission + - Hostdime is down (

palmerj3 writes: Hostdime, a major web host, is completely down this morning and has been for several hours. Their phone lines, website, and support site are completely down. The only way they are (poorly) communicating is through Twitter.

Submission + - Pirate Parties Plan to Shoot Site Into Orbit (

palmerj3 writes: It is almost four years ago that The Pirate Bay announced they wanted to buy the micronation of Sealand, so they could host their site without having to bother about copyright law – an ambitious plan that turned out to be unaffordable. This week, Pirate Parties worldwide started brainstorming about a similarly ambitious plan. Instead of founding their own nation, they want to shoot a torrent site into orbit.

Comment Not following their robots.txt? (Score 1) 163

Facebook's robots.txt explicitly says that all web crawlers except for baiduspider, Googlebot, msnbot, naverbot, seznambot, Slurp, teoma, twiceler, and Yandex are forbidden from crawling the site.

So, this guy must have set his user agent as one of these in order to crawl all those pages, which goes against Facebook's TOS.

So, yes, downloading these torrents would be illegal since they were obtained in a way that violates Facebook's TOS.

Submission + - Facebook Threatens Greasemonkey Script Dev (

palmerj3 writes: The popular Facebook Purity greasemonkey script has been used by thousands to rid their Facebook feeds from the likes of Mafia Wars, Farmville, and other annoying things. Now, Facebook is threatening the developer of this script. Does Facebook have the right to govern their websites design & functionality once it's in the browser?

Submission + - Video players not playing if AdBlock is installed? (

palmerj3 writes: A few minutes ago I was reading an article on the Huffington Post which contained a video. When I attempted to play the video I got a message stating: "The video you have requested is either unavailable or is being blocked by an Ad blocker installed in your browser". Is this a new trend?

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