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Comment Re:Weird... (Score 1) 66

If someone offered me 24 billion for anything, even my hypothetical super-successful company that I built with my own blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of a firstborn son, I would take it in a heartbeat. Same puzzlement over the Snapchat guys declining what I think was an overly generous offer for that company. Then again, I've never built such a company so I have no idea of what it means to give up control of it. Still... With 24 billion in your pocket you can pretty much do what you want, start your own new company, hell, start a space agency even...

You will not get the whole 24 billion dollars... If you own the company out right (100%), then you would have to deduct taxes and the process will be quite a headache. If you do not own 100% the company, then it will be even less; plus, other owners would have something to say (as always)... Though, the amount should be enough for to retire right away if you aren't going to live life like some other billionaires all the time. ;)

Comment Re:Fees == false advertising (Score 1) 81

GOV is more worried about who uses what bathroom than actually doing things to help the average joe.

I think you are the one who is worried about the bathroom issue more than understanding what is being discussed.

The issue here is that the corporation found a way to work around the systems/rules in order to charge (average) people a few more bucks each. Due to most people would let go a couple bucks a month fees, the fees were under radar for a while. However, more and more people had been being charged to the point when enough people said "enough is enough." Now, the corporation is being caught and will be paying a "slap in the wrist" fine (again), sadly...

Comment Re:Interesting, but not suprising. Identity politi (Score 1) 171

I'm not *suprised* the Dems lumped candidates into buckets based solely on race and gender, rather than perhaps QUALIFICATIONS FOR JOB, ...

The word "qualifications" in your case has a very broad meaning. You need to understand that those categories are set for "strategic" in order to help making decision. Once you understood, then categorized candidates into groups of expecting people to vote can be seen as a "qualification" as well. If you are talking about those who can get jobs done while in the office, then you will never find one in politics because you should know why...

Also, I highly doubt that Republicant part would differently strategize their plan. It is about politic after all. Those list you gave could possibly be in Democrate's plan as well, but they do NOT play a major roll right now. If they could not get elected first, what's good to have those plan for? You should already know how majority of Americans vote (and it is very similar strategic to get a job in a big company where you need to get through their HR first). So please do not be "not surprised" that this happened in Democrate party.

Comment Re:Ellen Pao (Score 1) 619

Anybody afraid of Trump is moron.

I agree that if anybody who is afraid of Trump as a person is a moron. However, that wouldn't be a case if they are afraid of what Trump is going to do if he has the authority. Any of those who are not afraid of what he is going to do, I would say, are also moron. He did things to those who did business with him (or associated). He didn't do any to those who have nothing to do with him. Though, if he has the authority, the situation will be shifted completely.

Anyway, I'm also not a big fan of the other side...

Comment Re:because everyone carries a bag of 100 gift card (Score 1) 204

They should need to provide evidence that your gift cards were obtained illegally or were involved in the commission of a crime. You shouldn't need to prove your innocence to avoid being assumed guilty.

Well, you need to READ the court documents before simplify whatever you see at face value...

Comment Re:Well, there goes the 4th Amendment again... (Score 1) 204

What you have just described are good reasons for getting a warrant, not for a warrantless search.

And it already said that one of them has an outstanding warrant. Hmm... Sounds like someone who sees smoke coming off his TV and will not do anything (or he calls a repair man and schedule a visit) unless there is fire.

Comment Re:Fuck that! (Score 1) 196

I'm not talking about language support at all. I'm talking about DATABASE update which you should know that out-dated map data can point you into a river (as it used to happened before). That's the issue. Also, if Uber has their own map app, they STILL have to get the database from somewhere else. They aren't stupid to collect/maintain database by their own because it cost too much to do that.

Comment Re:Fuck that! (Score 1) 196

We don't need to communicate with our customers, their app already told us where they want to go AND the way, so pay up and shut up. Uber spokesperson

The problem isn't obvious now. But when it is an issue, then what you said wouldn't hold. An easy case is that the dependency software that Uber is relying on isn't up to date (e.g. map app); thus, it will tell the driver to go to a wrong way. Got it?

Comment Re:H-1B abuse and Trump (Score 1) 813

He's against tax loopholes like depreciation but has exploited them mercilessly in the past as well.

Let me give you an analogy... There is a very famous MMORPG and there are millions of people playing it. However, early into the game, you found a loop hole that can get you all precious & limited game resources by working around the game rules. You did exploit the loop hole but never publicly said anything until you got to top 10 in the game. Then the game announces to recruite a GM. You apply for the position and said you knew every loop hole and did exploit it. You then said it is because the rules are shitty, it is not your fault but the rules. Then you also said you will fix the loop hole once you become a GM.

Now let me ask you...
1) How do you feel about yourself?
2) How do you think all other players, who play the game legitimately without exploiting, feel especially those who are in the same top 10?
3) How do people know that you will actually do what you said, when you could have said and done early before you got to where you are now?

Some people (and you know who) may answer...
1) I feel smart because I didn't break the rules.
2) Too bad for them. They have nothing to do with me.
3) You have to believe in me.

What are your answers to those questions then?

Comment Re: As it should be (Score 1) 230

The average American spends about 300 hours per year driving. By doubling the speed, we could cut that to 150 hours. The savings would be 150 hours * 330 million people / 365 / 24 = 5.6 million years.

Err.... You are misleading with the number. You shouldn't add all times which concurrently occurs to one big number (similar to the Pokemon Go post about extending lives). That is not the way it is because the 300 hours per year per person is still that much to each person. You can't quantify every single activity of each person would be the same quantity. However, saying 300 hours per year per person would be good enough and it explains itself.

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