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Comment Re:Needs to stop (Score 1) 500

I disagree with you on this. Trump is egotistical. He's boorish and crude. He often speaks without thinking first. He's reactionary and short-tempered. Given the choice of candidates in the Republican primary, he'd be second last on my list (just ahead of Jeb). But he's not rock bottom like Hillary is. She's got 40 years of exploiting her and Bill's public office positions for personal gain. After seeing the details of the email scandal, it's clear as day that she should be behind bars for her actions. The Clinton Foundation should be shut down. It's nothing but a money laundering machine for the Clintons. How can anyone vote for Hillary knowing she was accepting money from foreign entities in order to make favorable decisions regarding business they had with the State Department? She sold out the US government for personal gain. She set up an email server in order to protect her communications from being seen. She's the biggest crook the US government has ever known, yet she's on the verge of becoming President?

Comment Re:No choice (Score 1) 446

Finally a comment that's actually deserving of being moderated +5 Insightful! You're absolutely correct, if Samsung doesn't push accessory manufacturers to support USB-C as the main connection for devices, the accessory market will fragment, with some supporting the old 3.5" connection, some supporting the older USB connectors, and some supporting the new USB-C.

Comment Re:Sigh not more of this bullshit (Score 0) 446

Are the moderators smoking crack today?
From the article: "Removing the dedicated audio plug will also allow OEMs to create smartphones that are slimmer and have better water resistance capabilities."
And you reply with "it'd be trivially easy to add multiple USB ports, solving that problem and a few others too." How does switching a headphone jack for a USB save space and increase water resistance? Seriously? How? And finally, you end your comment with "Can't see Samsung doing that though, at least, not unless Apple also does it."
Hello, welcome to 2016. Apple has already released a new phone with the headphone jack removed. Moderators, lay off the crack pipe while moderating please.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

Why is this flagged as insightful? The Russians would be happy if the war ended, but only if Assad remains in power. Their military budget is limited, and the longer they're there, the heavier the price they're paying. America would be happy if the war ended. I have no idea what the hell you mean by "politically unpopular compromise". Current leadership has done plenty of "politically unpopular" compromising already. See the Iran deal for reference. The Turks would be happy if it ended because it would bring much needed stability along their border. The Kurds would be happy because it would mean they're not fighting daily for their very survival. Claiming they're happy with the current situation shows you have absolutely no idea whatsoever about what they're facing. ISIS is probably the only group that would want the war to continue and spread. Israel wants the war to end because Assad, Russia, and Iran are allied. Ending the war now would be advantageous to Israel. Allowing it to continue will likely mean an eventual victory for Assad and a reunified Syria allied with Iran on Israel's border. Iran would like the war to be over, but only with a decisive defeat of the Sunni groups participating

Comment Re:NASA disagrees with you (Score 1) 206

Ah, so we have two scientific studies that contradict each other. No consensus! And the scientists of both studies can point to why the other study is inaccurate. So given the fact that there is no consensus on this subject, why then do you choose to support one study over the other, especially when there isanother study that seems to support the other?

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

Did I state that all science must be a scam? Did I state that random blogs should be trusted over "all scientists in the field"? No, I didn't. I posted some links that should make you question how accurate their theory is. Just because there's a large group of scientists supporting a theory doesn't mean the theory is sound. And when there's evidence that maybe it's not as sound as they're claiming it to be, perhaps you should be just a bit skeptical and not buy in 100% without doing some more investigating. Just for the record, you did exactly as predicted, dismissing the evidence provided with those links because they're from "random blogs". Even though those links contain actual data.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

First reply, and it's a post that completely ignores all links provided and instead tries to deflect attention to a different site. FYI, the Berkely Earth Surface Temperature project used the same adjusted temperatures the links I provided call into question. They didn't use the original data as recorded. Nice try though, "bitch".

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 3, Insightful) 527

Oh the irony! A consensus of scientists agreed that fat was the culprit for heart disease and obesity. The consensus scientists, led by Ancel Keys, verified time and again through peer-reviewed experiments and studies (albeit with falsified data) that fat was the problem. They destroyed the life and work of John Yudkin, the lone scientist who disagreed with the consensus and had the research and data to prove that sugar, not fat, was the culprit. And now you're here in slashdot posting about another consensus of scientists who must be believed because they've verified time and again that their theory is valid.
I look forward to the dozens of responses my post will generate in which all of these links are denounced and dismissed because the authors are hacks, frauds, not real scientists, or whatever else in order to justify ignoring the actual data.

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