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Comment Re:Verizon is gradually coming clean (Score 1) 196

They sold this plan until 2011, at that time 3G connection had been available for 8 years, and 4G was already being discussed. They are a professional service provider, they had the ideal amount of information to predict future technology and market development. Still they decided to sell unlimited plans.

Comment Preinstall it or die (Score 3, Insightful) 191

Seriously, those of us who can install an operating system are hardly scared by "moving to a desktop environment like GNOME or Unity can be confusing and scary (from TFA)." Those of us who are scared by such a monstrous change in paradigm will never be able to install an OS, or understand that an OS is not part of the laptop, for what matters.

Either these guys manage to get their stuff preinstalled on some decent PCs, and I wish them the best luck possible, or I hardly see some hacker giving them 15 bucks for the privilege of a macosx-inspired theme, 20 crappy games and video wallpapers (I may give them some money to NOT have video wallpapers).

Comment Re:"What went wrong?" (Score 2) 205

1% of the desktop is a little, but it is still a huge number of computers. Also, I do not see why we should all use the same operating system, you like your windows, well use it I do not care. If you think of anything else than operating systems all this "windows is better then linux because more people use it in a specific market niche" is absolutely ridiculous. Do you think Ford Escape is better than Ferrari 458 because more people use the Ford? Well, you may be right, but I don't see how the fact that I still prefer the Ferrari annoys you.

Comment Re: Police? (Score 2) 370

Yep. My response was "FUCK NO!!", and yes they kept pestering me for months. I never gave them a damn thing.

Lucky you, they just terminated my G+ account after a couple weeks of pestering (and at the time you could not use a lot of services without G+), but now G+ is dead, and Vic Gundotra has been fired while I'm still alive and I still have my job.

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