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Comment Re:Not enough affordable housing? (Score 2) 270

Replace "city" in what you wrote with "NIMBYs" and then it will be correct. City residents that already have their own home don't want more housing built. They're under the delusion that if they just stick to their guns, everybody else will eventually give up and stop moving here so SF can go back to the little town it once was.

Comment Re:Too many problems to even be able to quantify (Score 1) 163

I have no idea whether this concept is feasible at scale, but it seems like the best way to know is to work on developing the concept. If we don't try, we'll never know.

No, it's not feasible. The best way to know is to do math. You can work out exactly how much electrical power it takes to melt snow/ice per unit area, then multiply that by the total surface area of a freeway. It's a lot of power, way more than the panels themselves can generate.

Comment Re: Does anyone speak technical here anymore? (Score 1) 337

He wrote a proxy, so probably something like:


The proxy fetches the content from the remote server to a local directory /speedtest and then serves the content to the phone from there (rewriting URLs in the process to be relative to /speedtest).

Comment Re:Not possible with Free software (Score 2) 60

If a free program wanted to do this, it would be readily visible and available for inspection to determine what exactly it's doing.

That's the fantasy world that free software proponents* like to trot out. While it's technically correct, in the real world, however, very few people have the ability, motivation, or time to code-review every application they use.

* Not that it should change my point one whit, but I also am a free software proponent, but not for that dubious reason.

Comment Just eliminate messaging and mentions (Score 2) 204

One way to fix Twitter would simply be to eliminate mentions and messaging. IMHO, the use-case for Twitter is to allow people to receive broadcast (one-way) messages from others.

For example, if I follow Bob, then I (and everyone else who follows Bob) would receive Bob's tweets. If EvilJerk also follows Bob, he can be as outraged and tweet about it as much as he wants -- nobody except those who opted-in to follow EvilJerk would get his tweets.

Problem solved.

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