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Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 1) 205

And really [Objective C] in the above list exist only because Apple decided they wanted to try for developer lockin.

Objective C was developed by Brad Cox and Tom Love at their then company Stepstone. It was then used by NeXT for NextStep. It got into Apple only because NeXT was bought by Apple and NextStep was the basis for Mac OS X. It had nothing to do with developer lock-in.

Comment Re:People apparently forget how the system works.. (Score 1) 273

And your an idiot because you can't read. I never advocated for Obama pardoning Snowden. I only countered the bogus claim that Snowden had to be tried and convicted before he could be pardoned. So, again, yes, Obama can pardon him, but I never said it was likely.

Comment Re:People apparently forget how the system works.. (Score 5, Informative) 273

From Wikipedia on "Pardon":

A presidential pardon may be granted at any time, however, and as when Ford pardoned Nixon, the pardoned person need not yet have been convicted or even formally charged with a crime.

So, yes, Obama can pardon Snowden.

Comment Re:Strategically important (Score 1) 20

... the age of exploitation is over. And unless those people, companies, entities, with their Corporate Social Responsibilities, especially those with the power to influence vast masses, start putting the priorities of the Planet, which has so far given us the privilege - not right - to exist and be making all that $$$, it ain't going to benefit anyone.

You know that, at least in the US, the pro-business Republicans now control the Presidency and both houses of Congress, right? The age of exploitation is just getting started. (They even tried to get rid of their own independent ethics board.)

Comment Re:What you know... (Score 2) 215

So, before electronic storage, the police shouldn't have had access to paper storage? Why memorize a phone number if you can write it down?

The problem with encryption is not that the police shouldn't have access to the data (with a warrant), it's that there's no way to grant only the police access. Those who want strong encryption believe keeping the data private from third parties is the greater good.

Comment Re:You realize that homeopathic treatments are wat (Score 1) 297

My current GF (who is, of all things, an orthodontist) is into this shit.

Get out while you still can (easily). Assuming you eventually marry her and have kids, do you want either arguments over whether to medicate your kids if they truly need some medication prescribed by a doctor or here secretly withholding medication from your kids and giving them quack remedies instead?

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