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Comment Things happeing now (Score 1) 39

Several companies have come out with 60GHz WISP gear that give full gigabit speeds now. At least one offering complete links for under $2k. They will have to go to some very high frequencies (millimeter wave) to get enough spectrum to do these things. 2.4GHz is over congested and 5GHz is getting that way.

Comment ISP perspective (Score 4, Interesting) 160

I own an ISP (WISP) that is virtually the only option outside of the two large incumbent carriers, Centrylink and Comast that residential users have. The other CLECs mainly, if not exclusively, sell commercial service. We have seen in the last 5 years demand for bandwidth increase nearly 500% mostly due to video streaming. The cost of the fiber and equipment has come down to be sure, but no where near 500%. So far we have been able to keep providing an essentially unlimited service. However if current trends continue, I'm not sure for how much longer.

Comment No minimum wage low enough (Score 1) 954

No way you would ever replace an even an only moderately reliable machine with a human employee. Pointless to use this as an argument against raising the minimum wage. If a human had to replace a machine at the same cost he/she would starve to death.

Raising the minimum wage might speed up the adoption of automation, but not by much.

Comment 250GB for $48 per month. (Score 3, Interesting) 59

I run a WISP in a heavily competitive area with both CenturyLink and Comcast as competitors. We sell a residential service that averages 25Mbps down and 9 up. 250GB per month for $48/per month. We use the cheapest radios available, Ubiquiti.

I don't understand a WISP who can't make money at a $50/month and 15GB limit plan.

Comment NIH ( Not Invented Here ) (Score 1) 174

I have tried what you are attempting. Same thing will likely happen. You will run into the attitude that if the idea has any merit they would have thought of it. At least you have a patent.

Your best bet, partner with a good lawyer ( otherwise you won't be able to afford the subsequent legal costs ). Send proposals to lots of companies. If you idea is really useful and can be made profitable then sooner or later someone will put it into a product, forgetting where the idea came from. File your lawsuit(s) and set back and get rich.

I have people come to me with idea for products many times in the last 20 years. They are always concerned someone is going to "steal" their idea. I tell the all the same thing, if your idea is any good you won't have to worry about them stealing it, you will have to ram it down their throats.

Comment Too big to block (Score 1) 217

I run a small ISP and have several email servers I maintain. What I have observed is a hair trigger on the part of the large networks like Comcast. Even a few spam complaints is enough to get you black listed. It's hard to run a 100% perfectly clean server as you must to some degree trust your users. 1 malware infection on one of their machines sending spam and boom your cooked.

I have taken to telling customers that have issues sending to Comcast, AT&T, etc to get a Gmail account to send to these. No matter how much SPAM these servers send out they would never get listed as this would cause mass complaints from their users.

Comment Turbo charge my 4.77MHz PC (Score 1) 251

Way back in 1984 I discovered that as long as you were using a monochrome text or graphics adapter (Hercules) you could replace the 14.318MHz crystal with a higher frequency ( I think I got as high as 22MHz for 7.33MHz CPU clock). The software clock would run fast, but it was worth it for the speed boost. About 9 months later companies started offering turbo mother boards that would operate at 4.77MHz or 8MHz switch-able.

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