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Comment Are they going to be as shitty as their TVs? (Score 1) 87

I have to admit, their TVs catch my attention when I'm shopping, but then I go look up what consumers who've actually bought the things have to say about them, built in Roku or not, no way.

If they put that sort of build quality into a phone it will quickly earn the Dingleberry nick-name and have little to entice a consumer away from the OTHER fruit phone.

Comment Re: Drop iTunes requirement (Score 1) 114

There was a short period where they really wanted all the manufacturers to drop SD support and recommended it. There was a bit of a revolt and Google quietly backed off. I was against this recommendation.

Now that they're actually putting enough storage in a phone - I have a 128 GB Pixel. I'm okay with not having an SD card because my music will fit directly on the phone with enough room to still have the rest of the phone. There was no reason bigger storage couldn't have happened earlier, the chips were there well before the phones were.

Comment Re: Great, another AppData directory bomb (Score 1) 88

So you tell me I'm doing it wrong then tell me the right way to do it is to keep doing what I'm doing? Making rules for what can and can't be done with the AppData directory?

With or without AppLocker a business friendly application should have the option to install to the system - which is what I as an administrator with a fleet of computers under my control prefer - it's easier to manage with the K1000 system - or as a user app in case I decide to play it loose in that department. Firefox works that way, Chrome works that way, I have seen video games that ask me if I want to install for just my account or the whole system.

Making something AppData only smells horribly of sneakiness and subterfuge meant to take advantage of ignorant system managers, all the way from a family computer up to less informed enterprise admins.

Comment Re:Drop iTunes requirement (Score 1) 114

Oh, I've done it. I did it on my M8. Every time I had wanted to use USB I would have to go into developer options and enable USB for data access. If I unplugged my M8 even momentarily I would have to re-enable USB access in the developer options regardless of what software I had installed. I'm sure I could have gotten some other firmware for it where this was no longer the case, but running the Google Play Edition ROM kept me from wanting to do that.

BTW - as you can see from the fact I called out KDE connect I do use Linux.

I found using KDE connect to be more reliable than USB since the underlying OS fought using USB so viciously even when it was enabled I would have file transfers stall out and need to be resumed later whereas I could do a file transfers of 16 GB - my music collection - in one go with KDE Connect.

Yes, sometimes I do miss the simplicity of putting my original EVO with WiMax on my system as a straight up USB drive, or the ability I had with my EVO 4G LTE to boot up into Clockwork Mod or whichever one I was running at the time and make my entire phone a big USB device out-of-OS, but being able to load it up as a reliable network share on my desktop that's just about as reliable as the SFTP connections I have to other systems on my network make the USB cable almost a trivial concern.

Comment Re:I wonder if cat/dog ownership correlates with (Score 1) 249

If you were to do a serious study I think you would find a decreased likelihood in voting for Trump in cat ownership, statistically.

I say this simply because there's already been serious studies that match cat owners to the left wing and dog owners to the right. Even though Trump is arguably more of an old-school Democrat than a core Republican the voters are what we're talking about, and without a doubt Trump was elected by the more conservative of those of any alignment than the progressive.

I believe if you were to do a serious study of comparing Hillary voters to Trump voters you would see a pattern of dogs/no pets to Trump versus cats to Hillary/Stein. I don't think the break-out would be phenomenal, but I do think you would see a pattern, 60/40 or so. I leave Johnson out of this because this time around he lost his rudder and nobody could tell where he belong on the alignment charts unlike his previous run.

Comment Re:iTunes hasn't been a requirement for years (Score 2) 114

Even though I no longer user i-Devices as someone in I.T. I works with lots of users who use them religiously.

I still recommend users of iDevices open iTunes occasionally and sync if for nothing more than backup purposes. I know most of it syncs to iCloud or whatever now, but the solid backup on your own system still seems to be the best way to restore user data when an iPhone falls into an iCrapper full of iPeed and must be replaced.

Comment Re:Drop iTunes requirement (Score 1) 114

Even Android has basically done away with this over the years, then Google fought a war on SD Cards and semi-lost, but had a victory in the way they encrypt them. I believe in Androids case it's to arm-twist people into using and paying for Google Music.

I have found KDE Connect to be a reasonable and useful replacement for using the phone as a USB device. I can do more than 90% of what I used to do while using it as a USB device, and the fact I'm using a Google phone makes the other 10% not matter, now that I no longer have carrier/manufacturer bloat to forcibly remove.

As for the iPhone - not being able to do this sort of thing is a lot of why I abandoned the platform when my 3G gave out.

Comment Re:we've been stuck at 4 core for too long (Score 1) 281

As far as I'm concerned they never left the game, only lost popularity. I'm running a pile-driver core chip on my stuff at home and it doesn't get saturated on my day to day stuff and is quite speedy on my heavy duty stuff as well. I'm not by modern definition a gamer so I'm not pushing it as hard as I can with Windows on the latest AAA titles, but I do use Linux and 3D games - my limitations seem to revolve around my out of date GeForce 750 Ti.

I just built a pile-driver core machine for work, it's being used for video editing - the editor originally wanted a Mac but we talked him into a custom Windows machine instead since Adobe actually caters to the Windows side more considering their war with Apple. He's exceedingly happy - in fact he's asked us to remove his older Mac from his desk he likes the Windows/AMD combo we built him so well.

I'm still a fan of the AMD/Nvida combo, from the old ATI Rage IIc almost always having issues in laptops in the late 90's, to my first Radeon literally smoking after playing Alice for about an hour and half, to the conference room machine where I now work having to run on an older version of the Radeon driver if I want sound over HDMI to work I've never been able to bring myself around to liking ATI/Radeon/AMD graphics with the exception of saying they did great in the Wii and GameCube.

Comment Re:In next weeks news get your nails done at Autoz (Score 1) 43

I think it's a great idea.

I always thought businesses that have customers in waiting should have secondary services to soak a few extra bucks off of them and to make their time less wasted. When I was in League City they built a Carwash and Grill. The idea was to eat steak and drink while you were getting a car wash, what I considered genius, but they never actually opened the grill while I still lived there, just the bar. So drive there, get drunk drive home. I had an issue with this, but went there anyways for one beer and then soda.

I always thought tire shops and what have you should have at minimum WiFi in the lobby. Most don't and usually have a TV pinned on something horrible. I think mixing up barber shops with lube and tire shops would be a great idea

If I were opening up a coffee shop (which I've considered) I would absolutely target spaces next door to tire, lube, brake, carwash, and any other place I could think of that would have people pinned in place without their vehicles. I tend to walk somewhere to eat when waiting for anything like that and will pick a place that has something within a reasonable/safe walking distance.

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