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Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 409

Individuals can have preference. Organizations with fiduciary responsibilities cannot. Also, the DNC did more than just have a 'preference' they conspired and acted against Sanders in an unfair and in some instances illegal way . Do you think organizing and training violent protestors is just showing 'preference'? Do you think busing repeat voters to different polling booths is showing only 'preference'?

Those actions from institutions from the DNC do more to undermine democracy in this country than Trump calling them out for that behavior.

Comment Re:Too many paid shills vs organic posters (Score 0) 409

Show me the tiniest bit of evidence of paid Trump shills.

Isn't it obvious? The evidence is your post. Now you may say that your post doesn't 'prove' anything but let's be honest; no one really supports Trump except for paid shills and actors. I have no evidence for this except that lots of people don't like Trump. Not mentioning the posts I have read that correct the record from misinformation spewed out by biased places like Wikileaks, the FBI, and FOIA requests. Clinton has fact checkers that remove the spin put out by evil republicans and evil Hitler 2.0.

The republicans want to kill you and your family and want to start WW3. Hillary is the answer to every problem you have. If you disagree obviously you are being paid off because no one wants WW3.

Comment Re:Great example of Libtard disease (Score 1) 615

Proven conspiracies against Sanders by the DNC do more to undermine the elections than Trump saying as much. Actions are more powerful than words.

Saying that everyone follows the same rules and laws is a good thing. There are a lot of people convinced that Clinton broke the law and there is evidence for some of those claims. The FBI using weasel words to forgo indictment does not undermine the evidence and the trend of dual meaning of the law for little people.

People are angry and when it comes to Clinton she operates above the law. If you thought that corruption was destroying the nation and words fail what would you do? There are crazies on both sides. Don't conflate the crazies itching for violence with legitimate 2nd amendment supporters. Actions speak louder than words and we have seen more bullying and violence from the left this election cycle.

Comment Re:Great example of Libtard disease (Score 1) 615

I have seen more violence supported by the left this election cycle.

I have seen more statements taken out of context to fit the narrative of "Trump is HItler" from the left.

I have seen more apologetic antics from the media to the left.

I have seen more thuggish behavior from the left.

I don't like Trump but this election season has been plagued with undemocratic thugs that shut down opposition spawned mostly from the left.

Forgive me if I don't see statements taken out of context or hyperbolic virtue signaling on the same level as BLM, DNC corruption, Clinton Foundation and Foreign money influence, election tampering, Pay-to-Play politics, violent protests against political opponents rallies, and igniting the Red Scare 2.0 to brush away outed corruption that we have seen instigated by the left for Clinton.

The left promotes diversity except when it is a political opinion then they will shut you down will bully tactics and paid thugs. This election Hillary and the left are illiberal POS and a vote for her is a vote for bully tactics, paid thugs, and illiberal government.

Comment Re:A little perspective (Score 1) 435

The constitution does nothing to punish populism as long as that populism is sufficiently broad based, attractive to all of the country, not just some regions.

This. The EC is more about ensuring that a president is elected on broad nation support more than just popular because of the issues of population densities skewing trends. It was designed to give smaller states more say in presidential elections. It really is just like the bicameral congress except it is for POTUS elections. Each congressional chamber represents the states in a different way; Popular and as a whole. The EC is a mix of these to guarantee that any president will have broad national support and broad popular support (exceptions apply albeit rare).

You don't want a president elected by the few very heavily populated cities just like you don't want a president elected on many small dispersed towns. You want a president elected by a broad support of states and people.

Comment Re:Overstepping Constitutional authority (Score 1) 169

The executive (i.e. Obama) is telling the different parts of government to implement the strategy. It coordinates the different parts of the government on which parts should do which things. They already have the budget and legal authority to do the things, but it requires coordination. Which is exactly what a chief executive should be doing.

The president directing the business and coordination of the executive bureaucracies and agencies sounds like commie talk to me. I think we need to look into your past history as a communist sympathizer.

The best government is an uncoordinated government. Small and uncoordinated are basically the same thing.

Comment Re:What about DeVry? (Score 1) 420

This has been my experience. I graduated from DeVry with a degree with a similar GPA. I enrolled in 2005 right about the time the deregulation of the student loan industry occurred. I don't remember hearing anything bad about private colleges or how bad student loans were. I was out of high school and I didn't expect to go to college in the first place.

After some work experience it never became a topic of conversation for any prospective job. No one cared about where I got a piece of paper. What was a concern was whether I could do the job and fit in with the company. That first job was probably luck but it was the reason I haven't had issues with finding a job.

Fast forward and I have taken various other courses at public universities and my wife is currently getting her B.S. in Biology from a state university. She tells me her experiences which mimicked mine; it is hit or miss on the teacher and class. Some are great. Some are awful.

This isn't an apology to those institutions. It is the experience I have had with private colleges and state universities.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2) 465

"slander and inciting harassment" is now free speech?

You should have made the argument that being put on a ban list is not "slander or inciting harassment". You didn't. Instead you tried argue that taking proper legal actions to protect the reputation of oneself is the same as using the law to suppress ideas.

Did I get that right? What part of slander or libel should be legal in your eyes?

Here is an example: "XXongo is a child rapist." A statement that can and has ruined lives with just the accusation. If you take legal action to protect your reputation you are now using the legal system to suppress my freedom of speech because you didn't like what I said.

You didn't think your post through, did you?

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