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Comment Re:Phone (Score 3, Insightful) 235

Right after listening to trump you can except your IQ to drop. I hate Hillary. Kasich would have beat Hillary in the biggest landslide in decades. Cruz would be close but still winning in many key states.

Trump is so arogant, that he makes Hitler look good. When he said he would jail Hillary shows a blast disregard for law, order, and civil society. The president doesn't make arrests, or punish law breakers that is the judicial branches job. The FBI works for the department of Justice not the executive branch.

Trump and his followers are to stupid to know or care that is difference between tin pot doctors of fascists countries and democracy.

Trump has been married three times and his known to have cheated on at least two of those wives multiple times with multiple people. That is a fact. Yet he some how thinks Hillary is to blame for bill cheating. Does he think his ex wives are to blame for his cheating?

Comment Re:Phone (Score 1, Insightful) 235

No that is monitored by the London police.

What makes this better is most embassy's are designed as faraday cages to help prevent spying both with outside signals and inside signals.

Maybe if massage decided to shack up with a peaceful country instead of a dictatorship he would be better off. Or maybe not support the candidate that wants to stop all trade with Latin countries and calls all Latinos bad hombres.

Comment Re:Kinda makes you wonder... (Score 1) 71

The user is only part of the problem it is the admin that you have to worry about. or more specifically the user who thinks they are an admin.

Would you jump into the pilot's seat of a helicopter and steal it, just because you saw a video of a helicopter flying?

That is how the average user admin's their computer with the predictable result.

Computers are massively complicated machines, with millions of interconnected parts and most don't understand how they connect together and have issues. So you have to dumb down basic admin to stupid levels, just for security and safety.

Comment Re:How long has Podesta's email been compromised? (Score 2) 269

Given that the CIA director had an AOL account, and the average politicians is 60 years old and can barely use email let alone understand it. I just assume all politicians are idiots when it comes to tech in all forms.

I am Trying to tech a 63 year old now that he doesn't need to to print the PDF he received in his email, just so he can scan it to the file server. But he isn't happy without touching paper. And he earns twice what I do. Sure he knows a lot and has tons of practical experience. But damn getting him used to on a computer is a pain in the arse.

Comment Re: Facebook and Google welcome... (Score 3, Insightful) 77

There is a slight difference the NSA can't arrest anyone where in China billionaires how don't pay the party dues properly disappear.

The big thing is censorship. China wants the ability to shutdown google or Facebook has a news story that runs counter to government interests.

That is huge. Every second of every day Americans are used to hating on government and its interests.

Comment Re:$300 or $400 for map update (Score 1) 310

A lot of the updates get tied I to the "onstar" account every manufacturer has now. So if you want real time assistance, full GPS , etc you have to pay $30_$40 a month for the service.

Gm, Ford, Chrysler, Subaru all have it something similar that I am aware of, haven't looked closer at others.

The Chrysler unconnect is what got hacked to remotely drive a car down the highway last year. You have to pay for unconnect if you want map updates in your Chrysler.

Comment Re:The new line for the Johnnie Cochran's out ther (Score 2) 99

Giving any government backdoor keys will always be bad.

What about physical access to device. Should the device contain the decryption key, so that it could be decrypted if the flash chip is removed?

Disassembly that might take a tech an hour or two?

I ask not for government but for other third parties. If you die should your spouse gave legal right to access your phone and encrypted storages?

Comment Re: Genesis 6:3 NIV (Score 1) 290

You want fun go look up the number of the beast. The Christian version is 666 the proper translated version is 616, and I had many years ago that it was read wrong and was 999 since it was upside down. Of course that means it was written in English and not Ancient Hebrew as the the book of revelations was written in.

Comment Re:Down the rabbit hole (Score 1) 311

The hardware wasn't available until he last minute for most places anyways. I didn't get my american express chip card until june of 2016, I didn't get my visa chip card issued by my back until may of 2016.

The hardware often failed and had to be replaced at the merchants expense several times. from just a terminal side of things the hardware roll out was a mess.

lastly i know at work we were not told of the roll out until 6 months before the deadline. never knew it was coming or what we would have to do to be acceptable. For us we ended up ditching the card readers all together and just process all credit cards through a internet processor. it was lower fee, and works better for our business anyways since we often have to store credit card data for repeated transactions.

Comment Re:Down the rabbit hole (Score 4, Interesting) 311

Ah but that is half the issue. Chip readers once installed needed to be certified by the card companies. That certification. Is on average 12 months behind.

So you see a terminal but do not use sticker? The software stack, connections, etc haven't been certified to use chips.

Credit card companies failed to provide enough certifiers, and enough time to begin the change over. It has been mentioned by MasterCard executives that they never once talked about processing speed of the transactions, which is why Chip readers, take 30% longer to process after sending your card data.

MasterCard Visa cared about their bottom line, and pushed responsibility to merchants, but didn't provide the tools for merchants to do it right.

Lastly an October 1st deadline is irresponsible, as the slightest hiccup destroys holiday shopping, which is what happened last year. A Feb 1st deadline with a 6-12 month soft start 50% of fraud is paid both issues, and merchant would have been more successful,and less lawsuit prone.

Comment Re:Do the Energy Math and Space is a Distraction (Score 1) 254

Except for source.
I agree you need space based refueling and infrastructure in several key orbital areas to make it useful.

The problem is all of it has to come from earth. Even the nearest mining asteroids are too far away to be useful at present speeds. our best hope is finding water, or ice on the moon that we can use.

Comment Re:Here's a good question: (Score 1) 380

Sometimes you can just let the idiot die of old age, and then rewrite history and paint them in a negative light much much easier. than shooting them.

Assange hasn't been in the news for a while so suddenly he has lots of new dumps, except the people that might possibly have actual information won't go to him, as they consider him even worse than Hillary.

The last 4-5 dump of info that wikileaks has shown have been worthless. The US Government has won vs assange they made him irrelevant.

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