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Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 1) 90

So in your opinion "shoving stuff into space" is insightful commentary.... Nope, it's knuckle-dragging commentary well deserving of ridicule.

If you want to come off as informed/insightful why don't you inform us exactly what orbit categories microsats have been launched into up to now, proving that microsats are a long term menace due to their multiplication in long term orbits and not a category of objects that reenter and burn up before ever becoming one. Ah but that'd be _hard_, certainly too hard for a knuckle-dragger.

Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 1) 90

Two specific points:
The Microsat movement isn't going to contribute much to space pollution as low lifetime sats deployed to low orbits aren't the problem.

We already have a government/military component spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year tracking every single piece of space junk we've put out there in our artificial asteroid belt. And if the planet is any indication, any place we humans occupy we manage to fuck up with garbage. This will become a problem because of the exponential growth in interest they're hoping to drum up with this capitalist space race. Forget low orbit. Higher orbits will become the issue when human arrogance labels low orbit for "losers" who "can't get it up" or some stupid shit. You know, kind of like the bigger-dick syndrome we suffered from in the 60s with planting a flag on a moon.

Millions of $$$ every year just to track space debris?!? You're delusional. The tracking radars were not developed and paid for in order to track space debris, but to detect attacks upon the U.S. Until the U.S. no longer fears missile attack, the cost will be borne by the military. Use of those radars to track debris in an incidental and beneficial side effect that is almost free, not the reason we continue to spend hundreds of millions/year to do so. If, in your opinion, mankind is such a problem I'd suggest that you help us all out by removing yourself as part of "the problem".

Creating an space-based economy and self sustaining workforce aren't objectives beyond our means unless we allow ourselves to be hobbled.

Speaking of hobbled, tell me how well our electronic world that is critically dependent on communications would fare if a catastrophic event occurred where the majority of our major satellite system were inadvertently destroyed. It would be at minimum years before we could fully recover communications and capability at this level. For the fucking planet. Good luck with your "self-sustaining" workforce then.

TL; DR - Humans fuck up any space they occupy. History has shown this, so don't be ignorant about the inevitable dangers of exponential growth.

Ah, because you think that because you've never heard of anyone preparing for a situation where a major solar storm or nefarious action that no-one in the Military has ever thought that loss of GPS and comm Sats would be critical to our Defence? You think that the Military that has plans for everything including invasion by Canada wouldn't have thought of that and prepared for it with sufficient spare satellites on a black budget to restore minimal function within ASAP? The capability certainly exists and anyone with half a brain would have figured that out and that it isn't publicised to keep it as safe as possible.

History has also shown what happens to the stagnant. They're the ones that used to live where you do now.

Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 2) 90

What is this obsession with moving out of the basement? There are already so many people in cars driving around that we'll soon be at a critical point of so much cars driving around that it'll be self generating and dangerous for humans to venture there especially if this idiotic idea of autonomous vehicles takes off. As for flying vehicles, called aeroplanes - until someone invents a serious much faster and practical competitor to ships we ain't going anywhere and thats only going to happen if the laws of physics suddenly open up in unexpected ways. I know a lot of people dream of a Jules Verne like world, but I'm afraid its just books kids, reality is another ball game entirely.

Yeah, not a prefect match but does reflect your "I don't understand it so it can't happen outlook".

Two specific points:
The Microsat movement isn't going to contribute much to space pollution as low lifetime sats deployed to low orbits aren't the problem.
Creating an space-based economy and self sustaining workforce aren't objectives beyond our means unless we allow ourselves to be hobbled.

Comment He may be right. (Score 1) 267

The summary does not do justice to Musks argument.

If autonomous cars do indeed have fewer fatalities per km then retarding their dissemination through fake polemics is indeed causing the deaths of more people than pushing for their general adoption would.

The rub is in determining whether or not AV's are indeed safer than human drivers. Elon has his idea of that but in the absence of a serious non-biased study that doesn't exist yet I'm not convinced that he is right (yet).

Comment Re: How Embarrasing (Score 0) 55

People attempting to justify Putin's naked land grabs always have problems with reality...

Texas won it's independence from Mexico with no help from the U.S.G. but primarily by people from the U.S who were invited in by previous Mexican governments. A better analogy to Putin's actions is much closer to your home with the german annexion of the Sudetes.

Detention during a G8 summit by your own government isn't quite the same as receiving a bullet or getting disappeared by Putins goons after receiving a call from the kremlin but I don't suppose that a Putin apologist would be able to understand that.

As for moving goalposts reread the thread. My objection to Germany & Japan as being equivalent to being under U.S. occupation hasn't budged, while for you keep making poor comparisons. You may (and probably do given your comments) have fond memories of the east german state. Most, and that includes the former citizens of the GDR don't.

Comment Re:How Embarrasing (Score 1) 55

Diplomacy has a role in international law enforcement relations but it isn't what you are portraying nor over my head.

That the Czech authorities are the ones in control of the russian hacker until their justice system decides whether or not to extradite or release him is not in dispute, just your attempt at portraying an announcement by the FBI on why they asked for his arrest is a master regime giving orders to a slave regime or not.

You're mixing up diplomacy, law enforcement and emotions and quite visibly making a hash of the lot. I don't know what has worked you up to the point where you are doing so, but I suspect it is ether your not mastering the announcements made by the FBI in english (yes that comes across too) or some other sources that translated them for you and did a very poor job (possibly on purpose as it is the #1 Russians tactic).

Now step back and think: Is it really in the U.S.G's best interest or habit to be giving orders to foreign justice systems the way the USSR was in the habit of doing? Who is saying that they are doing so? Is another actor with an interest in portraying the USG as poorly as possible pulling strings? Is that same actor also in the habit of doing so, say like Russia has been doing ever since Putin came to power?

Comment Re: How Embarrasing (Score 1) 55

Can you honestly describe your government as a quisling regime imprisoning anyone who dares to criticize it's masters like the original Quisling did for the Nazis, East Germany did for the USSR & the puppet governments are doing in russian occupied Georgia & the Ukraine?

Either your answer is no, and you accept my point that the U.S created allies (who can disagree, even violently) or you'll have to justify just when/where/how the USA has imposed the controls over Germany that you are implying.

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