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Comment Re:Why government? (Score 1) 194

I know it's a cultural thing in some places to hold generations-long grudges against people for the "sins of their fathers". But I've never understood it. And I'll never accept it. And if that's one area where I'm just culturally-insensitive, that's one insensitivity I can live with.

Hear, hear. I agree 100%, and wish I had mod points.

Comment Re:Thank Jebus he can't see the US today (Score 1) 220

>>>For my neighbor to have no insurance indeed picks my pocket. Do you think ERs are free?

Don't cost us anything..

Are you serious? The Corp pays for nothing: they raise their prices to cover unpaid ER bills, and customers pay handsomely, i.e. our pockets are picked, in the Jeffersonian sense, for healthcare delivered to the uninsured in the most costly and inefficient way.

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