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Comment Powered by bugs? (Score 1) 197

Then what keeps the fly paper strap turning? Does that also works on power extracted from bugs?
I assume that the clock itself doesn't know when there are bugs on the fly paper, so the fly paper strap has to keep moving constantly.
And all of this works on the power of one or several bugs?

Impressive if it's true...

Submission + - 45 year old modem used to surf the web ( 3

EdIII writes:

[phreakmonkey] got his hands on a great piece of old tech. It's a 1964 Livermore Data Systems Model A Acoustic Coupler Modem. He recieved it in 1989 and recently decided to see if it would actually work. It took some digging to find a proper D25 adapter and even then the original serial adapter wasn't working because the oscillator depends on the serial voltage. He dials in and connects at 300baud. Then logs into a remote system and fires up lynx to load Wikipedia. Lucky for [phreakmonkey] they managed to decide on a modulation standard in 1962. It's still amazing to see this machine working 45 years later.

Although impractical for surfing the Internet today, there is something truly cool about getting a 45-year old modem to work with modern technology. The question I have, is what is the oldest working piece of equipment fellow Slashdotters have out there? I'm afraid as far back as I can go is a Number Nine Imagine 128 Series 2 Graphics card on a server still in use at my house which only puts me at about 14 years.

Comment Re:Bring on the scientists (Score 2, Funny) 300

''The article (thankfully) mentions the probable underlying mental illnesses that contribute to these sorts of crimes, whereas the Jack Thompsons of the world see games as the cause of crime, rather than as a changeable variable that could have been television, film, a newspaper, food, a car, a curfew, and so on.'' The changeable variable could be PEANUT BUTTER! In every criminal residence you may find games, but you will find peanut butter!

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