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Comment KDE, Hey (Score 0) 127

I purchased a HP Workstation Z840 Xeon's E5-2620V3 2.4 GH and a large graphics tablet that looks like a large monitor.
I installed KDE, on it and it has so many fonts when browsing it switches to Japanese, when I'm reading English websites I am in England,
and I've selected English for web browsing. Slashdot crashes the KDE web browser.

No icons you can add icons with "unlock widgets" but the icons do not look natural. Accidentally deleted the start bar twice with the graphic pen because you have to lock widgets. Locking and unlocking locking unlocking blah blah blah.

The GIMP is missing all the plug-ins so most of the menus are faded out.

I have thousands of pounds worth of computer and graphic tablet and I'm finding it very frustrating. My HP come with a DVD of HP's version of Windows 7 and I'm beginning to get really tempted to try Windows.

Programs in KDE are now called "Apps" or is that a Mint, thing?

It gives me a feeling of being held back.

Comment CCTV cameras (Score 0) 239

I spend thousands of pounds purchasing things from Amazon. whenever a order does not turn up in time I cancel it. I live a stone throw away from Amazon.
Amazon delivery drivers are good.. they are all basically cheap labour from Eastern European countries they have to carry a tracking device so Amazon, can track them at all times. The other companies are absolute bastards.

I have 5 CCTV cameras, security systems around my property linked to the Internet so I can monitor my property from work. It has motion detection and its sensitivity is set from 1 to 9 so you can set the distance of its motion detection, to stop it from recording trees, swaying in the wind.

A black man from UPS, says he won't deliver to my place any more because he doesn't like to be "under surveillance"
I now only get deliveries from Amazon deliveries, which is always the next day.. No more pretending that they tried to deliver and "failed to deliver because they got no answer" nonsense.

CCTV as minutes hours times and dates you enter in what time they say they tried to deliver and you send them the video clip of a high definition video from your secure Internet storage by switching that clip of video to public viewing.

Comment The 90! Net (Score 0) 301

Hey! It's the 90s again!
The "computer nerds" who used to be called libertarians and the U.S. Internet was considered a safe haven for liberty and freedom!

“Give me your tired, your poor,
  Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
  The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
  I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
How things have changed NSA.

And those people who would get their "homepages deleted in the U.K. for being "homosexuals" deleted by virgin.com and NTL AOL, all rushed for U.S. hosting or hosting in Amsterdam.

It would seem history is repeating itself except for one thing the U.S. Internet lost its freedom, and so did the country.

Comment Whoops! (Score 0) 86

Opera 12.16 Build 1860 platform Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. Click disable search suggestions. Delete google. Set outgoing to https://duckduckgo.com/ and customise settings by typing into the address bar opera:config#UserPrefs|CustomUser-Agent and so on.

Disable auto update and disable fraud and malware protection in the browser. Heavy snooping from websites like Slashdot, will use Java to guess your operating system.

To access http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/ via web you will have to use the Tor Browser, and type in that address in the address bar. And build up your list from their lists and track the other lists until you have a massive pirate list.

You will discover that once you can have the software you think you wanted you realise it's just not very good and not really worth having. And once you have watched 100 Hollywood films you find out that they are all the same basically and you are just wasting your life and killing brain cells. And you will end up with brain death, and answering chat bots. the situation in which a person's brain stops working and they join the Slashdot bots.


Comment Sadism (Score 0) 284

When somebody dies that is a member of your family even if it is an animal like a dog, I say before they die even though I don't believe in Gods, I say: Please please! if you are out there God leave this person alone because if you make this person suffer even more when it is my turn to die by hook or by crook I will come and find you and I will torture you I will make you suffer like no one has ever suffered. Now fuck off and leave this person / animal in peace

So if we are now in a "matrix" Virtual reality, then I should be threatening another kind of sadist.

Hey you sadist bastard! delete Hillary Clinton, for goodness sake enough already..

Comment No Win no fee (Score 0) 241

No Win no fee. False and malicious allegations and that would be against Paramount pictures.
No win no fee, also known as a conditional fee arrangement, is an agreement you make with your solicitor so that you can claim compensation without worrying about upfront legal fees. If your compensation claim is unsuccessful, the no win no fee agreement states you won’t have to pay your solicitor any money. Obviously in the U.S. that would be lawyer, and that is where the original idea come from.

Comment Silly and untrue news story. (Score 0) 315

Japan, cannot and did not make any demands to Britain. What Japan wanted to know about was its car factory and trading.
Britain has the largest military in the EU it has the capability to destroy Germany overnight. Deutsche bank is the most indebted bank in the world's second only to the oldest bank in the world the Italian bank.

Brussels would not exist if it wasn't for Britain. All this armchair warrior nonsense on here is just that nonsense.

What Britain, says goes end of story.

Comment Say nothing (Score 0) 217

Malware/virus scanners have root access and they are spyware. people avoid U.S. virus scanners, they are mentioned in the GCHQ and NSA documents.
Two companies are named Sophos, McAfee. And wasn't there a scandal a couple of years back with a company called "F-Secure Corporation"
who threatened to report people if they were looking at unacceptable pornographic images. Your virus scanner scans what you see, it scans were you visit it sees all that you see and it as root access.

I think a group called anonymous blamed Panda Security, for informing on them. If you have a virus scanner on your computer they see what you see.
Kaspersky Lab, At the virus conference used the slogan "say nothing".

Comment I loved KMail (Score 0) 515

I used to use KDE, when it looked like a desktop. I like icons lots of them. I like a menu bar. I liked Konqueror, I like the easy access to change browser ID signature user agent.
I loved KMail.

I absolutely despise mobile phone interfaces pretending to be workstation graphical user interfaces!
For example Unity, Gnome 3 and KDE!

I don't care for missing icons misty Windows wobbly windows fuzzy Windows or simply fucked up Windows!
For goodness sake just die already.. Did you know that none of these "graphic user Interface designers" actually use it themselves.
I'm using Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, and it's not because I am "old-fashioned and unable to change"
it is because I'm using a powerful workstation and I'm not in the fucking bit interested in using a fucking smart phone on a workstation.

Just die already. My goodness it makes me angry I'm so sick of these people.. You no longer spend a couple of hours turning it back into a workstation desktop graphic user Interface you have to spend literally weeks undoing that abomination to turn it back into a workstation graphic user Interface!

Oooooooooooooooh for goodness sake fuck off.

Comment Wildebeest (Score -1) 264

People are strange creatures they get used to what is familiar to them. If I put a CCTV camera on the front of my house looking directly at people going past people would give the fuck you salute. But after just a few weeks people will forget that it is even there even though they can see it!

Your virus scanner is a root spyware product it monitors the websites you visit and your e-mails. It collects data about your activities.
Microsoft monitors everything you do on your computer if it has an Internet connection they have your information they know what you are doing.

Virtually all the programs that have copy protection that you put on your Windows system, are spying on you.

Your Linux desktop knows what programs need upgrading updating because they know what is on your computer because your computer is sending that information back to them. Red Hat, probably knows more about you than your own family does.

The trick is not to be you when you're using these products. I don't know any of the original pirate gang that were using Cobras ( CB radios ) to exchange software and phone hacking software. And virus swapping which was a big thing in Germany at the time using Cobras linked up to the computer. i know none of them and none of them know me.

I have lots of domain names but none of them are registered to me. I have domain name registered protection and even that is not registered to me.
Computer companies are falling over themselves to offer you different ways of paying for their services without using a credit card.

There are times to be you like now when you are just one of the millions of Internet wildebeest roaming on the Internet waiting to be snatched.

Comment Re:Now can they do that for Youtube? (Score -1) 45

Right now I can't even reply to comments on my own video because of this Google+ requirement. I read that they were going to get rid of this some time ago, but so far as I know it's still there when I try to post.

Youtube comments are generally a wasteland for posting or reading, so I guess it really doesn't matter that much.

Google + makes medical spying data seem tame. Google makes Microsoft look respectable. You should never give them your real name and you should always use a disposable Sim card pay-as-you-go card. companies tell you to switch off your Google phone now or leave it outside when having private discussions.

For your YouTube channel, create an account using a disposable Sim card pay-as-you-go you have to verify your YouTube channel with a mobile phone number. Use the card once and never use it again for anything else. Do not walk around with a mobile phone you have registered.

For your Google account pick a character probably an old time celebrity you will have their name date of birth and address
which you can probably find on Wikipedia. pick somebody that suits your character or suits the character you want to be for your YouTube discussions experiments and so on. And never ever put anything in Google + create the account because it is part of YouTube it is meant to force you to use their products because they collect data not just for the government. Your private information is valuable to them.

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