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Comment Long term problems require long term solutions (Score 1) 660

" You can't take an 18-month training program and produce a machine-learning scientist"

He is right you can't, however that does not mean we do not need to change the system to encourage more American talent to go down this route. This is actually why a bidding system for H1Bs would be great. People with high level skills will continue to be allowed in. Also those with high potential will also be brought in. The Low skill low talent low cost hacks will be priced out. We have enough people who can fill that need with the 18--month training programs.

Comment Re:The point (Score 0) 532

You under estimate the cost of healthcare/chronic illness. £15 * 2 times a day * 365 days * 30 years = only £328,500. The healthcare costs can EASILY eclipse that. In USD "total cost of a single lung transplant to be $561,200.

To compensate for the long term healthcare costs and chronic treatment throughout the smokers life. Something like £30-£50 seems more appropriate.

Comment Wrong kind of diversity (Score 4, Interesting) 314

These school pride themselves on "diversity" or at least the "right kind" of diversity. They spend all their effort focusing on ethnic and gender diversity with almost no effort for economic or cultural diversity. This is what happens when the recruiters are generally nice, but low functioning collage graduates who could not find careers in their original field. They have their definition of diversity and do not expend any critical thinking skills trying to find where their ideas fall short of the stated goal of creating environment with diversity of thought. You end up with schools where people all look different but think the same.

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