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Comment "Up to the minute" but seemingly less accurate (Score 1) 397

The + operator used to be reliable on Google, including ONLY pages that HAD THE TWO OR THREE GODDAMN WORDS I'M LOOKING FOR.

Now, it seems to ignore the + operator, and just gives me "here's a page with this word, here's a page with that word, here's a page that only had two out of the five words you wanted".

Shitty, Google.

Comment Re:fucking. win. (Score 2) 138

As a left-handed-mouser I'm disappointed the engine can't tell the difference between up/down/left/right/insert/delete/pgup/pgdn on the arrow-columns of my keyboard vs. the equivalents on the numpad. So I can't map everything onto those keys for actions as I do in Source games, thus I have to take my hand off the mouse to do certain functions. But I play in the dark, so I don't always hit the correct key when I do that.

I hope Eidos patches this.

Comment Actually (Score 1) 57

This article's title, the mentioning of the book's name... just gave me an idea... finally an idea...

I wonder... I bet it's possible... to make a Rube Goldberg machine in Blender and literally let its physics handle all the stuff that should be handled by physics in such a device. Holy crap, I finally have an idea of something interesting to keep myself occupied, instead of sitting at the Blender menus with nothing but blank noise in my brain for the "What should I make?" department.

Comment Re:And for reference, Nintendo's Policy (Score 1) 189

If that were true, they couldn't release it on the VC in Japan, either -- which they did. The Beatles' creations aren't copyrighted and trademarked in only the US and Europe, after all. It's one of Nintendo's bullshit excuses, much like their reason for not including Peach as a playable character in NSMB Wii ("the hardware isn't powerful enough to render her dress").

Comment What's the point? (Score 1) 512

"It was intended as a somewhat non-commercial language in the tradition of logic programming languages". "Non-commercial"? What's the point of making a programming language if you don't intend it to be used by anyone who's actually serious about using it for actual, practical, real-world purposes? Get out of computer science if you're going to be an angry bitter tree hugger, you should be teaching basket weaving courses in a liberal arts ashtray-college if you're going to be that profoundly worthless to society.

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