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Comment Re:Skilled labor? (Score 1) 271

I kid you not, a friend of mine, she burned boiled eggs. I'm serious.

I go to visit the house she, a friend, her brother (also a friend of mine), and another guy were splitting and in the kitchen there is this small pot with indescribably burned, crunchy, black goo stuff in it. She had crammed about 6 eggs into a tiny pot, put in some water, turned the gas on high, and then went to take a shower and do her hair. With predictable results.

Comment Re:"All the jobs are leaving" as unemployment fall (Score 1) 194

1) What do you mean by "lots"? Is it growing as fast as the rate of population growth?

2) Silicon Valley income is over inflated compared to all US wages. Nice job picking the highest paid workers in the US. People in Flint make far less.

3) Americans get the best health care they can afford or go without. Incomes continue to drop while health care costs rise. Income: and health care costs:

4) If you are making $10 an hour then 600 USD a month is unaffordable.

5) Price per square foot doesn't matter it is the monthly income that matters. Median US income is about 57K USD see or 3800 assuming a 20% tax bracket (which may be low). This works out to about 40% of take home which is above the 1/3 of income reccomended for housing. and see
The number for a 30000 home I came up with is 65K USD WITHOUT the cost of food, clothing, transportation, education and medical care.

6) You concede the cost of education to me.

7) Inflation is a zero sum game. If costs of goods goes up and incomes lag, workers lose.

8) OK. WHat is your definition of inflation? If prices go up and income does not keep pace we have inflation. Note the CPI does not include many items of importance such as food and transportation.

All I can say is that what I see and is conveyed to me by others can be explained by statistics.

The price of gadgets doesn't matter real people need real goods.

Comment Re:"All the jobs are leaving" as unemployment fall (Score 1) 194

I notice you didn't mention the price of shelter, education, health care, or transportation. Cars are at the point where people are having problems affording them, Do I have to even link to stories about health care, education, or housing prices? So what if the new gadget is cheaper. If your wages can't afford those big items you are screwed.

Your simple model is deeply flawed and doesn't account for things like farmers turning their farms into developments if they can't get good prices for their crops due to over production. This is partly why family farms are disappearing, the kids of the farmers see more money in real estate development.

Inflation tells me people are losing ground. The trend I see is more and more ostensibly middle class people, including myself, shopping in thrift stores, using craigslist, or going sites like free cycle. The middle class is in trouble.

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