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Comment Re: This is why America needs President Trump (Score 1) 284

when those are your choices you're basically telling us you're too ignorant to realize that you shouldn't have to make bad choices. You're the definition of voter apathy.

If your choice is to lose an arm or a leg, well maybe you shouldn't have to accept either option.

Comment Re:Ehh... Cloud Computing? (Score 4, Insightful) 246

This is the very definition of bad math/outsourcing mistakes.

Just because it costs less doesn't mean you're getting an equivalent service. If you save $200k but lose $500k in productivity then congrats you have outsourced to the detriment of the business. Likewise transition costs take out more productivity.

Comment Re:Or maybe... (Score 2) 246

While the relationship isn't equal financially, the leave/fire is exactly equal.

You're not obligated to give 2 weeks and neither are they . You're given whatever the company is financially obligated to give you when you leave and vice versa. Etc.

The relationship isn't equal financially in that they make financially a substantially larger amount of money than what they pay you - which isn't disclosed to you. If you make $100k but they're making $700k off of you (even after expenses), who is getting the bad deal?

Comment Re:Just follow the money. (Score 5, Insightful) 174

Having to pay money to remove corruption in an established organization is not the definition of ethical business in the first place.

That's called the old extortion/thug plan "pay up for protection".

BAPco deserves $0 from anyone, especially if they have a problem discriminating against people who don't give them omney.

Comment Re:That was easy (Score 1) 867

Given the way things are going with wine and for openGL, we could be there already if it wasn't for generally abysmal support for linux drivers. I think Valve pointing out "hey, halflife runs equally well on linux when you freakin support it!" is about the only chance we have of having reasonably up to date linux gaming support in the future.

Comment Re:Popping the popcorn (Score 1) 262

There is no US analog, because the US has no legitimate interest here. We're only involved because our government is more than happy to roll over for the MPAA.

There is no "Sexual fraud" here, and there is historical evidence of both the US being willing to break international law as needed for MPAA interests alongside the evidence that the swedish prosecutor is refusing to follow standard swedish procedures which were openly supported by Assange.

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