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Comment Re:No you don't (Score 1) 237

Most of the 100k+ employees where I work are able to use a thin client with a 1GHz AMD SOC 2GB RAM 8GB Flash these really don't sound like a pc but everything is a hosted web app now and the processing happens on the server. As for our small graphics design department you'll pry their overly expensive macbook pros w/retina displays from their cold dead hands before they will use a PC.

Comment Re:No you don't (Score 1) 237

Sorry, the most successful is a contractor but doesn't own a PC except for what the business owns and he has secretary to use it for him. Good try, making it sound like everyone has to own a PC to have a real job. In my family it's only those over 35 that own PCs even if they use one at work.

Now you could say the gaming console and cell phone have replaced the PC but I have nieces that don't game and do everything they would normally do on a PC on their cellphone alone.

You will have to face it other than business, hardcore gamers, and a few other small niches the PC is dieing off.

Comment Re:No it can't (Score 1) 175

On i70 it's really flat from Hayes all the way past the Colorado boarder and then you find yourself asking where are the mountains... That stretch always makes me extra sleepy and if I don't have the cruise control set I'll be doing 90-100mph with out realizing it.

After 40 splits off from i70 it's only about 70-80 miles to the border but yeah there are more things than the flint hills and rolling hills that people don't expect like a 33,000 acres of lake and damn on the republican river.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 556

My sister is a mechanical engineer... she works with a lot of H1Bs who are very respectful although they probably refer to her as the Mistress of Darkness behind her back.

There were other women in her class but she was the only women to graduate that year... while taking a welding class a piece of molten metal somehow manged to make it past her apron, her shirt, an under shirt, and into her bra... one of the guys pulled out his pocket knife and cut her shirt and bra off in front of a dozen guys she was both grateful and completely embarrassed. Afterwards I was out at one of the local bars with her and some guys from that class where offering to cut her bra off...

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 556

greater numbers of women entering computer science could boost women's cumulative earnings by $299 billion and help the U.S. fill the growing demand for computing talent

Wasn't there a recent article on these jobs going away along with a list of down sizing already this year? That doesn't sound like a growing demand.

Comment Re:No it can't (Score 1) 175

I always find the Hollywood portrayal of Kansas funny because I live in the flint hills on the east side of the state which are not flat and also where the majority of the states population lives. It's only the western two thirds of the state that is actually flat with fields as far as you can see and no people or towns.

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