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Comment Re:https://google (Score 1) 146

You are still allowing quite a few top level domains (listing only 3-4 character below) .aaa .ads .aero .aig .app .arab .army .art .asia .auto .axa .baby .band .bank .bar .beer .best .bet .bid .bike .bing .bio .biz .blog .blue .bom .boo .book .box .buy .buzz .bzh .cab .cafe .cal .cam .camp .car .care .cars .casa .cash .cat .cbs .ceo .cfd .chat .city .club .com .cool .coop .corp .cpa .csc .dad .data .date .day .dclk .dds .deal .desi .dev .dhl .diet .diy .docs .dog .dot .eat .eco .edu .esq .eus .fail .fan .fans .farm .film .fish .fit .fly .foo .food .fox .free .frl .fun .fund .fyi .gal .game .gay .gbiz .gdn .gent .gift .gle .gmbh .gold .golf .goog .gop .guge .guru .hair .haus .hbo .help .here .hiv .home .host .hot .how .icu .idn .immo .inc .info .ing .ink .ist .itau .jmp .jobs .kid .kids .kim .kiwi .krd .land .lat .law .lgbt .life .limo .link .live .llc .llp .loan .lol .love .ltd .ltda .luxe .mail .map .mba .med .meet .meme .men .menu .mint .mls .mobi .moda .moe .moi .mom .moto .mov .name .navy .net .new .news .next .nfl .ngo .nike .nrw .nyc .one .ong .onl .ooo .org .ovh .pars .pay .pet .pets .phd .pics .pid .ping .pink .play .plus .porn .pro .prod .prof .pub .qpon .qvc .red .reit .ren .rent .rest .rich .rio .rip .rsvp .ruhr .run .sale .sarl .sas .save .scot .sex .sexy .shia .shop .show .site .ski .soy .spa .spot .srl .surf .tax .taxi .team .tech .tel .thai .tips .top .tour .town .toys .tube .uno .vet .vin .vip .vivo .vote .voto .wang .web .webs .wed .wien .wiki .win .wine .work .wow .wtf .xbox .xin .xxx .xyz .yoga .yun .zip .zone

Comment Re:The Death of Cyanogenmod.... (Score 1) 49

At least they are still alive as an organization. They still offer the full OS, but they now understand "the game" of phone manufacturers wanting some control over the OS.

If they can add some privacy and anti-bloat features to otherwise stock OS from a manufacturer that has decent marketshare, they might grow enough to influence Android in a better way for users.

You'd think device makers would want to focus on the hardware and supply side of things and contract out the OS and software parts - but so far they all [poorly] do it themselves.

Comment Basic Income (Score 1) 173

Assuming enough economic zones begin offering Basic Incomes to their citizens, businesses will design and price packages to evenly consume the monthly amount. Great for the businesses to have a constant flow of cash. Great for the payment processors to skim their percent off the top. Great for three letter agencies that can watch these transactions - either financial or data streams - to learn about devices / versions / locations and of course content. Arguably Great for consumers so they don't have to "think" about managing finances - $X coming in, $Y going out, who needs to save?

Not great for those who eschew consolidation of financial or informative power.

Comment Re:clearly they havent heard (Score 1) 81

This doesn't affect registrar-to-registrar transfers. Just makes it easier for any registrar to use someone else's web hosting.

GoDaddy doesn't make much money from domain name fees - they want up-sell to their hosted offerings and this API helps that. They might lose a few customers to other hosting providers (Wix, Squarespace, etc) but it saves them support costs so they can keep the minimal profits from domain registration and renewal fees.

Comment Re:Why Try (Score 1) 30

I only meant what most people classify as personally identifiable, but already shared information: name, address, phone numbers, email, social media handles, SSN, birthdate, stuff like that.

We need some other mechanism than a hidden number that is shared with many institutions to verify identity. And biometric data doesn't work either as it can be cloned (e.g. 3D print a fingerprint from a scan, etc).

Comment Re:Useless - they're probably already filtering. (Score 1) 37

How much is it to set one up? Ideally set a cheap rate so real people could still talk if they wanted to. Would be great on Whois records and other public databases, along with any marketing databases. Any legal users (aka lawyers, real businesses, etc) could still pay the micro fine to talk to you.

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