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Comment Dogs too. (Score 5, Interesting) 305

There are a lot of language using animals which are not yet recognized. Humanity is just getting to the point of seeing that there are other intelligences here on Earth.

We have livestock working dogs. They exhibit a lot of language and string up to six words together, use adjectives and have names for each other, us and objects. We have about 300 words we use with them, both from us to them and them to us as well as what they use to each other. It is clear they have a lot more words they use with each other that I don't understand so their language is considerably more extensive than the smattering of pidgin we share.

Realize I'm not talking about Fluffy, a typical domesticated dog that was raised as a singleton isolated from other dog culture. These are livestock large working dogs that are far closer to their wolf ancestors and they grow up in a culturally rich environment of a many generational pack on our farm. They work for a living and know hundreds of individual livestock animals that they tend to on the farm.

Comment Re:Not Causal (Score 1) 311

"Tell you what... I'll do that... if you agree to pay for every ticket and auto insurance bump I get from using them in the car when driving (where I normally care about using an aux jack)."

You shouldn't be wearing headphones while driving. You need to be a bit more responsible mate.

Comment Garbage Writing with Stereotypes (Score 1) 367

This is very poorly or intentionally miss-leading:

"Americans are already uncomfortable with them"

No, I'm not uncomfortable with these improvements and taking evolution under control. I do this sort of thing all the time. I do plant and animal breeding. I'm a farmer. I have my own genetic lines on my farm adapted to my climate and needs. This is standard fare for the last 6,000 years, at least!

The author should have written something like:

"Some Americans are already uncomfortable with them"


"This author is uncomfortable with them"

But the author should not generalize to all Americans. Some of us are scientists and take a progressive approach. The cited article supports "Some" or "a majority" but not "Americans" which implies all.

The author is biasing the article to fit their agenda or simply sloppy and incompetent.

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 1) 314

"I am terrified of the prospect. As some point, I should start living a more risky lifestyle, since 3 out of 4 of my grandparents lived well into their '90s. Maybe I can kill myself in my early '90s through a skydiving accident or something."

Perhaps that is why there are so many first time 90+ year old skydivers. Interestingly, there are almost no second time 90+ year old skydivers.

"The problem with immortality is that it's boring."

I think that is only a problem for boring people. I find life fascinating and have over 1,000 years of ideas for things to do.

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