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Comment Re:Modeling error versus exotic matter (Score 2) 164

It's called "Dark Matter" because its behaviour is identical to that of matter that doesn't interact electromagnetically; specifically 'cold' (low velocity) matter. It clumps like matter, it has a gravitational field that bends light like matter, and it seems to move like matter. It might very well NOT be matter, because the scientific method is all about being wrong; but so far Lambda-CDM is the best-fit theory.

Comment Re:48 mil... pocket change (Score 1) 151

In 2014 (most recent year I found numbers for) before income taxes they made ~$413 million in profit (revenue, obviously, was much much higher). After tax it was ~$247 million. So the total fines work out to be on the order of 12-20% of their yearly profits.

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