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Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 4, Informative) 432

let alone makes a stopover, you still are subject to US customs inspection.

Another US peculiarity, which is a major problem for many people daily.

Making it worse, the US considers Canada and Mexico part of the US for visa purposes.
So a 4-month visit to Canada, transiting the US both ways, is considered a 4-month stay in the US and so ineligible for ESTA and needing a full visa with interview just to transit.

Here is some help to avoid US transit:

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 432

No need to blame the media conspiracy. His unfiltered tweets are evidence enough.
Its not some left-wing conspiracy - McCain and Romney always came across as decent, intelligent guys in the media.
The 2016 election was something truly new.

My favourite right-wing commentator Andrew Bolt said:

THE question now isn’t whether Donald Trump is just a moron or an outright menace who could blow up the world. It’s why a braggart, buffoon, liar, narcissist and sexist with almost no political principles came so close to becoming president of the world’s greatest power.

Of course that was after pussy-gate, when we thought it was all over. Since the election, he has embraced Trump, but for a moment, we heard his real thoughts.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 4, Insightful) 432

Simpler way: just don't visit the United States.
As a bonus, you will miss all the other airport humiliations: mass-fingerprinting, world's worst security theatre (you want my shoes off?), and risk of arbitrary refusal of entry without right of appeal or even explanation.
      If you want a dose of American culture and natural beauty, just go to Canada instead. Niagara Falls looks better from that side anyway :)

Are there any other countries where this sort of thing goes on?

Comment Re:that's it. the end game. (Score 2) 370

People seem to be confusing the early 19th C with the Great Depression of the 20th.

Around here, Australia, there was a chronic labour shortage in those days. And I believe it was similar in the US:

The U.S. economy of the early 19th century was characterized by labor shortages, as noted by numerous contemporary observers. The labor shortage was attributed to the cheapness of land and the high returns on agriculture. All types of labor were in high demand, especially unskilled labor and experienced factory workers.

And that was before workers started fleeing to the gold rushes.

Comment Re:Arrow of time (Score 1) 118

The arrow of time is an illusion

All our perceptions are simplifications - e.g. solid matter. An "illusion" is more like the opposite: seeing complexity when reality is simpler.


make a video of atomic level events and play it forwards and then play it backwards, no one can tell you which is which.

Doesn't entropy still apply at the atomic level. e.g. particle decay?
Sure the maths (classical mechanics or wave function?) works both ways, but one is far more probable than the other.
If I see a barium and krypton nucleus collide and fuse into a stationary U235 nucleus, you will not be able to persuade me that the film is not running backward.

Comment Re:Can't Be True! (Score 5, Funny) 118

vaccines may ... go back to start the autism before they are administered.

Physicists have actually demonstrated this sort of thing is possible, using quantum entanglement contrary to common sense.

You can actually have the past depend on the present, but the catch is that it cannot be used to transmit information back in time. Causality is not violated so long as the effects are not observed until after the cause.

This is important: the very act of detecting autism with the MRI will break the quantum entanglement and stop the vaccine from causing autism.
This may be a cure!

(I hope there are still enough nerds on slashdot to appreciate this potential breakthrough.)

Comment Re:Real life (Score 1) 174

I wonder how these guys would behave in real life.

Multiple personalities were not invented with the internet. People manage it easily from a young age.
How many are arseholes at work, but nice guys socially?
Kids well behaved at school, but argue at home (or Sometimes vice versa).
Even mafia enforcers (old school or RIAA lawyers) can be kind and loyal to family and friends.

Comment Re:Correlation != Causation (Score 5, Informative) 113

Reading is hard:

Especially when the original link goes to a paywalled page with a click-bait headline "Ending Your Emails With This 1 Word ..." Fuck 'em.

At the end of the summary now is a proper link to the original source, and it is clear they jumped to unscientific conclusions from their data.
Only later, did they find an actual proper scientific study with experimental data, rather than just a correlation with other obvious contributing factors.
e.g. people say thanks when a reply is more important. ie people already knew intuitively what the article is claiming to have discovered.

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