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Comment Re: Trade union fighting for survival (Score 2) 722

Rights in the workplace will still matter, but won't need trade unions to protect them anymore. Treat me like a slave? Meh, I quit the job, live on universal income for a while, see if something better pops out. Once your entire workforce adopts this mentality, guess who will become the nicest employer to ever exist?

Comment Re:FoSS drivers versus proprietary (Score 1) 120

I also want the same, that's why I usually go AMD. My HD7850 has been working flawlessly with the open driver since I bought it in 2013. I actually had way more issues with Windows than Linux on it.
But we cannot ignore all the Nvidia users out there, especially if we wish to bring more people to Linux. And it's unfair to say that Nvidia doesn't put effort in keeping its driver up-to-date, even though at this point I wouldn't even touch it with a stick. At least they didn't make a GeForce Experience move on Linux (yet?). And usually people who migrate to Linux end up buying AMD as it's a much better experience, and it guarantees that driver support will never be dropped within the realm of reasonable.

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