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Comment Re:They Want Export Bans Lifted (Score 1) 217

Intel has no fabs in either Germany or Malaysia. There is some packaging and test in Malaysia, though.

If you are thinking of design, the cellular modem group (purchased from Infineon) has a major design center in Munich, and the Penang design center formerly did work on big cores.

Comment Re:"microcontroller" vs. "PCB"? (Score 1) 83

The FE310 is a RISC-V instantiation. Here is the repo that will generate a configured RISC-V RTL:

The compiled verilog netlist and layout for the FE310 is pretty useless to anyone not targeting an ASIC the same configuration on the same process in the same package... and completely useless to anyone targetting an FPGA.

Comment Re:FBI Jurisdiction (Score 5, Informative) 104

The FBI is primarily an investigatory bureau (hence the "Bureau of Investigation" bit) and there are many parts of investigation that do not require any extraordinary police powers. In addition, when a a crime crosses national borders they may be called to meet with those who do posses police authority rather than shout responses across the border.

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