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Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 1) 300

"other wise why is it ok to use for end user?"

Because that case the end user is the only one at risk.

When used in a crypto taxi service, there is also a passenger. In the event of an problem, the passenger will go after the party with the money which will not the the "self-employed" not-a-taxi driver but rather Tesla.

Comment Apple has a time machine? (Score 1) 183

"Seriously... who EVER thought adding all the touchscreen phone gestures to a touchpad was a good idea? Oh, yeah, Apple. "

I am unimpressed by people trying to blame Apple for forcing features they don't like into other products when those other products did it first. There have been gestures on track pads since before there were any iPhones. How can Apple be responsible for forcing a feature from iOS to non-Apple products before there was an iOS?

Comment Re:Damn (Score 1) 251

Damage to reputation cannot be repaired with a firmware patch. At some point it becomes cheaper to eat the cost of taking all of the returns back rather than risk future sales.

Remember, FDIV established Pentium as a brand that the manufacturer would stand behind and in the end was considered a financial win. OTOH it didn't set anyone on fire.

Comment Poor quality writing (Score 2) 252

A lot of SF is just poorly written. As much of the readership also has poor writing skills and they are interested in other things this is easily forgiven with the genre, but that is no reason for others to lower their standards to our level.

The major writers like Asimov acknowledged that the were poor writers. The problem today is writers that have no self-awareness of what they are actually making and instead see an SJW bogeyman behind every tree.

Comment Re:1nm Gate Size (Score 1) 66

"the process nodes, which are half of the distance between the same feature in neighboring transistors"

Somewhat besides the point, but a) these days the process node bears of causal relationship with any physical dimension in the device; b) even back in the day it would correspond to a feature size and never a half-pitch.

Comment The difference between hardware and software (Score 1) 294

The problem with most arguments against software patents specifically that that they are made by people who cannot supply a rigorous definition hardware and software.

I can start with the same RTL source and produce the following systems:

1a. RTL loaded into a simulator and run against a canned data file.
1b. RTL loaded into a simulator and run with a breakout box for real asynchronous i/o

2. RTL compiled to a native binary, run with a) canned data file and b) i/o breakout box

3. RTL synthesized to a gate level netlist and a) run in an STA with canned data

4. RTL synthesized to a device level netlist and run in a circuit simulator

5. RTL compile to FPGA programming and loaded into a hardware emulator with real i/o

6. RTL synthesized, placed, routed, fabricated, and packaged; and run in a system with real i/o.

Which of these implementations are patentable? All? None? Is the original RTL patentable? If it is not but some of the implementations are, at what point does it become patentable?

Even here, that average poster has no experience with creating hardware and thus never thinks very hard about what it is. What is the difference between hardware and software? If you cannot say, then you cannot reject just software patents.

Comment Re:Enter the 21st century, get sued? (Score 2) 311

"They refuse to check ID"
Retailers are prohibited from checking ID, unless specifically requested by the bank.

"they refuse to check signatures"
The signatures on the card are not for authentication purposes. Also, there's no way a minimum wage clerk is going to be able to do handwriting recognition.

Comment Re:Marissa Mayer's legacy is at stake (Score 1) 103

"negative ROI"

During Marissa Mayer's tenure, she has increased the value of the company by $10-20 million per day, roughly a 100:1 ratio with her compensation. She is employed by the shareholders to increase the value of their holdings.

When is the last time *you* provided a 100x return to your employers?

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