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Comment Re:Sorry - whose car is this? (Score 1) 305

They created the copy of the software on the car when they manufactured it. I need no license to create a copy of a book I buy. The reason for licensing the copy of software is the act of installing it usually entails copying it to the device. This is not such a case. If no license is required, then why is there a licensing agreement?

Comment Re:Which airliners? (Score 1) 142

"Since 666 isn't the number of the beast but 619 is due it being off by one in the originally written language it is even funnier.
Ancient Hebrew numerical system left much to be desired and has opened up more cans of worms and confusion than Americans complaining about socialistic meteric system."

How amusing. You know that the Book of Revelation was written in Greek and not in Aramean let alone Hebrew right?

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