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Comment What about signed code? (Score 2) 105

I occasionally use a signed .jar in the company intranet. Reading TFA, I wondered what hash is used to sign that? It seems that jarsigner is not willing to divulge, so I had to write a little piece of code aaand ... yup, it's SHA1!

How common is this? Is loads of software now susceptible to attack by replacing a original code by a malware with the same SHA1?

Comment Re:Article advocates red terror (Score 1) 469

If the profession is completely unregulated, and would allow unlimited immigration of medical specialists from anywhere in the world, combined with loosened importation of medications, malpractice reform ...

How do you expect this "malpractice reform" to work? Isn't malpractice the reason why regulation was created in first place?

Submission + - The Munich Linux Project is to be cancelled and rolled back

Qbertino writes: Apparently , as German IT News Website reports, LiMux, the prestigious FOSS project of replacing the entire cities administration IT with FOSS based systems is about to be cancelled and decommissioned.

A paper set up by a board of city officials wants to reorganise the cities IT to "commonly used software" and a base client of the cities software running on MS Windows that integrates well with the cities ERP system based on SAP. The best possible integration of office software products with SAP is the goal, which looks like LibreOffice will be ruled out. The OS independence of the system is stated as a goal, but is seen by the article as more of a token gesture than a true strategy. The costs of remigration back to non-FOSS systems aren't mentioned.

Currently roughly 15 000 Systems in Munich are running on FOSS, 5000 on Windows. The city concil will make the final decision on this next week. Oppositional parties like the Greens and the Pirates call the move a huge leap backwards to the Quasi-Monopoly of Microsoft Windows and a waste of resources.

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 468

Not that I"m against electric vehicles, but

Gasoline: Approximately 9.5 L/100km (average for 2015 model year)

Are you counting in trucks perhaps? Because I don't have a problem to stay below 7L/100km. In fact below 5 L/100km if driving long distances. This is on a benzine car. With diesel, it is even less.

times 2.31 kg CO2 emitted per L gasoline burned = 21.9 kg CO2 per 100 km traveled

Burning gasoline produces ~3 times mass than you started with? Mhm, I was not aware of that.

Comment Re:Google can tell me the definition of hypocrisy (Score 1) 350

As for "all-pervasive surveillance", Google does collect huge amounts of data, but after two years of trying pretty hard to test Google's defenses against internal employee hacking, I have to give Google an A+. .... I personally have not seen 1 byte of user data that I did not need to do my job, and I am easily in the top 1% of nosy Googlers.

So what are you saying? That Google collects the data and then promptly throws it into a black hole? Or Google collects the data but there is no human intervention and that makes it fine? Or that Google crunches the collected data and just sells the distillation to the highest bidder and that makes it fine?

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