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Comment Re: Don't look at it that way... (Score 3, Interesting) 161

For a lot of things, 32 bit is overkill, but you don't see people storing 24 bit numbers. This is a fundamental problem with premature optimization. You should always use the largest precise integer available unless you have a compelling, evidence-based reason not to. The onus should be on the 32bit users to demonstrate their choice is better.

Comment Re: Why is that useful? (Score 1) 189

Developers should use whatever platform they are most comfortable with.

Where I work, all of our code is designed to run on Linux, but all the developers ran Windows. Things were messy, because everyone created a tool chain around Windows (VMs with mounted shares, dev tools run locally on Windows, etc.), which did not work in production. When I came in and moved the toolchain to Linux, the integration became much nicer, because I could target Linux, but hand those tools off to the Windows users expecting minimal cross-platform fuss.

It's different enough to be frustrating (which is the best anyone can ever claim for Windows), but it definitely provided a lot of real value to us.

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