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Comment Wait, what? (Score 2) 104

You compare it against "many of the world's top currencies", and then reveal those currencies to include the Egyptian pound and the Nigerian naira? You ignore the wild surges and plummets that take place in very short time spans, then call it stable? You call it a currency at all, then compare it to stock? What is going through your head, the Meow Mix jingle on loop?

Comment Jesus Christ (Score 2) 380

I couldn't think of anything I gave less of a shit about when I heard that some group of retards was calling a cartoon frog that made funny faces racist, and then this bullshit came up. Can we just stop talking about them forever? They are not, have never, and will never have any meaningful impact on anything. Their ideas are stupid and pointless. Just forget they exist and they really will cease to exist.

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