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Comment Re:do people really talk to their phones? (Score 1) 197

The one and only thing I use Siri for is "Siri, take me home" at the end of an Uber shift when I'm somewhere I have no idea what the best route out of it is. Instantly navigates me home, which I usually only need for the first few turns until I'm back on the highway or whatever. For anything, it's pointless. It never plays the music I ask for, never interprets my commands to text someone correctly (Like say the pax I'm on the way to pickup). Siri sucks. Hard. To the point I get fed up and yell at her :-)

Comment Re:Training (Score 1) 44

I'd love if someone could explain to me how this is supposed to work. I work on a software development team at a company of 50k employees. While we are developing and documenting the software planning, the doco lives on our team sharepoint site - where it is constantly updated. Once we come up with a final design, we have to upload our (hopefully) final doco to a department architect sharepoint site where it is reviewed and approved, or sent back for revision. There's almost always something they nitpick, so I have to revise the doc that lives on the team sharepoint site and then upload a copy of that back to the architect sharepoint. Then we upload it to yet another sharepoint for the overall project and present it to the project team and business line who requested the IT project, invariably resulting in changes to the doc, necessitating changes in all three places. Doco is continually out of sync, since I can't just have one doc and symlinks or somesuch to the three sites. It's a nightmare and the stupidest thing I've ever seen for doco management. Yet it all needs to be there. The project requires all artifacts related to the project to be documented within the project SP for completeness, the auditors require all code changes to live in the architect sharepoint for overall system documentation, and we need to keep our internal team sp updated, because if someone ever has to maintain this code, the team already has access to the team sp - and wouldn't have to wait for access to, or dig to find, the other sites.

And the best part is that none of this is searchable! Even if I know the internal project ID number, there's no overarching way to search for it, since each project runs it's own siloed SP site not linked to anything else. And at the architect IT site, you're only allowed to see what you uploaded yourself. God I hate sharepoint. It's a plague unto IT.

Comment Re:How to make it cheaper? (Score 1) 69

I see the carpooling part, but the summary also mentions charging fares, not splitting costs. Presumably the car owner is for hire and accepts them, Google just uses something along the lines of "Uber Pool" and "Lyft Line" which also matches riders going in the same direction. Which isn't a differentiator at all, as the article claims.

Comment Re:Stop using OS X and their 10 year old computers (Score 1) 472

My daily PC is a Hackintosh, and I've yet to have a kernel panic, unexplained crashing and freezing, or anything like that since I built it over Christmas break. My experience has been that it just works. Everything works as it should... sound, sleep, LAN, Bluetooth, etc. I had some of the stuff already, and some I bought used on eBay. Put it together for under $900 out of pocket. I'm running....

Intel Core i5-4590 (6M Cache, 3.3 GHz)
Gigabyte H97 Extreme Multi Graphics Support UEFI DualBIOS Micro ATX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 Motherboard
Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800)
EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB SC GAMING, Silent Cooling Graphics Card
Samsung 850 EVO 5000GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD Boot drive
Thermaltake CORE V21 Black Extreme Micro ATX Cube Chassis
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler
OSXWIFI Combo WiFi and Bluetooth PCIe Card
Corsair 750 watt Power Supply
4x 2TB WD Red drives in software raid for a storage volume
24" ASUS 1080p Monitor

OS X El Capitan – Latest version, updates via app store have not been an issue (even though the combo updater is recommended)
        UniBeast – Free (Registration required)
        MultiBeast – Free (Registration required)

Installed with the iMac 14,2 profile

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 347

A lot of times, "knockoffs" aren't even that. If you take a knock-off to be a close approximation in appearance to a known brand, in some cases you'd be wrong. In some cases they don't even have to design or reverse engineer the product. "Second Shifting" is a thing too. A chinese contractor that has an order for 20,000 widgets already has the tooling setup and the materials at hand. It's no problem for the night shift to keep the machines running for their own private production run of an identical product (but often using cheaper then specified materials) and just sell the result on the gray market. No approximation or development needed.

Comment Re:You just argued for AirBNB case (Score 1) 242

I'm sure Uber could be fined if they let a known unapproved vehicle on their network and let a customer take a ride in an uninspected vehicle too. No different. The difference here is that Uber doesn't allow non-approved drivers on the road, whereas Air BnB has no problem listing and renting out unapproved rooms on their platform.

Comment Re:There are some good reasons for this (Score 1) 242

If Uber and Lyft can do it, ABnB can do it. In Minneapolis/Saint Paul, all TNC drivers are required to present their car for inspection annually to a city designated inspector and pass the same automotive inspection that the taxis and limos go through. It's $50. It's an analog piece of paper with no on-line process available. You get the form, you physically take it to an inspector, have your car inspected, and you pay the fee. You must carry it and have it in your glovebox anytime a police officer asks for it. It's not a big deal. Air BnB should have no problem with this either.

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