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Comment Re:"Adding no Value" (Score 1) 327

I guess they changed it at some point then. I have had an Apple ID for however long and there's no payment info attached. I've used the account to acquire free apps from itunes. I can't really prove it any more as I no longer own any Apple devices.

Yet again I come along with the anecdotal evidence, but there you go. YMMV n all that.

Comment Re:Simple fix. No 3rd party required. (Score 1) 212

No I don't and no I'm not, but what's that got to do with anything?

The only method I've applied is setting those keys on any machine a customer doesn't want the Windows 10 upgrade happening on.

I couldn't tell you if it's 100 machines or 1000 machines, all I know is no one has ever come back and complained it didn't work.

Apologies if that's not scientific enough for you, I'll try not to bring anything anecdotal to the discussion ever again.

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