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Comment ethics (Score 5, Insightful) 142

Given that the Trump administration is wanting to repeal of the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule and Section 1033 of Dodd Frank...

That is the rule where your financial advisor needs to act in the investor's best interests as well as disclose any conflict of interests.

A robot might be a much better option going forward..

Comment Was BS all along (Score 3, Informative) 194

Ginny stated she would hire 25,000 in the US over the next few years.

Which is roughly the number of people who would normally retire or otherwise leave IBM over the same timeframe. This was more about backfill than adding positions. (I suspect the number hired would still represent an overall loss to the US employment figures).

Comment Back in the day (Score 4, Insightful) 449

I have this conversation periodically, except it is usually addressed to music, art, tv, sports, or any of a number of topics. It's like those guys who see a high school girl now and say "Man, they did not look like that back in my day".. yes, they did. It's just that when you saw them then, you didn't see a cute blond, you saw the B***h from social studies.

There are many exciting things going on now. I am looking at how quickly and massively raspberry pi's have been moving into area where their creators never thought they would be used. I see arduinos and the maker movement and think "Wow". Just a look at adafruit or any of a hundred other sites and the amount of very affordable tech is staggering. We could stop all tech development now and it would be centuries before we explore all the possibilities of what is sitting on the desk in front of us.

I met someone at a coffee shop awhile back and there was a bunch of teenagers acting like teenagers. My friend is now in their mid-30's. I am in my 50's. I had first met them when they were a teenager at a coffee shop. My friend commented that they were not like that back then and I pointed out that I was their current age when we first met and yes.. my friend was just as dumb and teenagery back then.

Excitement is never external. You can look at any family pic taken at Disneyland and see the scowling goth kid who is totally not having fun. OK. You have given up windows as the programming platform and gone to Linux and Android.. So? You did not start programming on Windows. You started on other platforms and moved with the times.

But, that is not what you are complaining about..

What catches my attention is that *none* of your computing complaints are really computing complaints. They are consumer complaints. You should not be doing this comparison back to their early 80's equivalents.. televisions with 3 channels. Radio. Vinyl records. Newspapers. Magazines. Computing is more than fine right now. It completely rocks. Consumer products are far greater than what they were.

Comment Re:Talk is cheap. (Score 1) 307

The trend is even more pronounced than that.

It is not just small and portable. Home systems seem to be moving more towards a more cinematic experience. Extremely large screens that can show IP streaming as well as other content (gaming, etc). One screen, many uses. They are even building the aggregator apps into the televisions these days rather than as separate devices.

Desktops are essentially becoming work machines. More industrial in terms of how they work. The consumer functions are moving off onto other devices.

Comment Re:Does Alibaba matter to those in the west? (Score 1) 41

The sale is rolling by timezone. As I type this in, the sale will be starting in about 9 hours 15 minutes from where I live.

So, that was all China.

Aliexpress is getting bigger in the US. It is the same factory sources as many US companies, so the build quality is very similar and the prices are often significantly less. They also reflect the chinese tech market and that can be several years ahead of the US domestic sales market.

Comment Re:Not your father's NASA anymore (Score 2) 24

The point of NASA is to not become essentially a merchant marine for space. It put all of its budget into operations of space craft for decades and that has taken a toll on its science and research portions. There is nothing particularly noteworthy about it having a monopoly on space operations and that negatively impacts other options. NASA is a great R&D operation and does wonderful science. Why would it also be tasked with running operations when that is a function that has moved well into industry at this point?

There is nothing to indicate that it functions as a rubberstamp for private space operations. Actually, the only government agency that has any stamp functions is the FAA. NASA is *not* a regulatory agency, it is an R&D agency for the purpose of science and research and that function looks to be both necessary and germane to the long term space strategy of the US.

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