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Comment Re:32 bits address (Score 1) 125

You're welcome to pay for the memory upgrades to the world's routers to hold the routing table full of those /32s (16M per /8 that you've "freed"); the current full routing table is ~620k entries.

And as we all remember, 640k should be enough for everyone!

Still leaves 20k though, as long as we're mixing our units...

Comment Re:LOL, "Courage"? More like GREED... (Score 1) 761

The vast majority comes from analog signals.

But this is coming from your phone. Where that analog signal has been digitized.

Look, moving to a Bluetooth connection for your turntable would be stupid, agreed, but you have to look at the source which in this case is a (probably MP3 or AAC) file on a cellphone, which regardless of the bitrate is unquestionably digital in nature.

Comment Re: What's the obvious question, is he going to di (Score 1) 286

That's the part that many people miss (and I say this as someone who's struggled with weight before and lost ~85lb). If you burn less energy (because you have a super-efficient metabolism, or a hovaround, or whatever), that just means that you don't need to take in as much energy. That can get difficult socially, but its certainly not a reason to just "give up and be fat," when you're not happy at that weight.

Comment Re:How do I charge and use the headset? (Score 1) 761

Well, you could always use a dock that you can leave your headset attached to that already exists and does both charging and audio conversion...

Will the new phone please everybody? No, of course not. But the vast majority of consumers (even the vast majority of complainers) won't have to change a thing. Its like the number of people who complained that there wasn't a removable battery being far greater than the number of people who had traditionally ever purchased a single second cellphone battery.

Comment Re:Or the actual reason(s) (Score 1) 761

you will not be getting away with $10 headphones, no the minimum investment will now be in the $150 range because the DAC and amp circuits must now be in the headphones.

The Apple branded adapter dongle is $9 when sold in retail packaging. Pretty sure that they won't cost you $150 from 3rd parties...

Comment Re:Or the actual reason(s) (Score 1) 761

I don't actually know if lightning can be made to charge and "be headphones" at the same time other carplay mode. But it seems like any headphones connected via the lightning port should be able to emulate the "carplay" feature anyhow.

Well, the old Apple dock has had both lightning and headphone connections for a while now, so the answer is probably yes.

Comment Re:LOL, "Courage"? More like GREED... (Score 1) 761

Audio quality can't improve by replacing 3 feet of wire with a digitized stream of bits, wired or wireless. It can only get worse. So yeah, Apple's complex, expensive, proprietary, user hostile solution doesn't have the quality of a standard headphone jack.

"Doesn't have the quality"? Where do you think the audio stream came from in the first place? There are already existing lightning-port headphones that outperform the same versions with analog connections because they provide their own DACs, a notorious weak-point in non-audiophile gadgets in the first place. I'm assuming that the adapter simply contains similar-quality circuitry to their existing device too, so you're just extending the digital side of the chain by a tiny amount which will do - oh - absolutely nothing to the signal.

Comment Re:Ancient single use port (Score 1) 761

2: Bluetooth sucks balls when it comes to audio quality on it. Yes, it might be OK to listen to Coldplay at a coffee shop, but you are not going to be using a set of Bluetooth monitors (as in speakers) for high-end mixing, other than perhaps testing your mix on what people play it on.

But this is your phone. People doing high-end mixing also aren't using their phones as head units - or if they were they'd be using external an DAC since those already exist and are far superior to the ones inside your phone.

Today, with their phones, many people use Bluetooth. Many more use the free headphones that came with the phone. The new iPhone will work for all of those people. Then there are people who'll happily use headphones with a small adapter (either the free one that comes with the phone, or the dock that has had a built-in lightning->headphone adapter for years if they're at their desk). The phone will work for all of those people too.

There are a very few people for whom the phone won't actually work, but not that many.

Comment Re:How the hell (Score 2) 156

offer 20$ of rides free as introduction offer, undercut taxis by subsidizing rides

Does this mean, eventually, uber fares == taxi fares, when the subsidizing stops?

No, they'll be far more expensive if everything stays the same. Taxi drivers make very little and most taxi companies are run on shoestring margins (sometimes for a lot of money because of volume, but still very low margins), and they're selling a far lower quality product in most markets.

Comment Re: I would invest (Score 3) 156

Don't forget that they're also screwing the city by putting lots of wear and tear on the streets without generally paying any commercial fees/taxes that would otherwise go to offset that damage - street infrastructure is stupid-expensive and they're basically using it for free (individual car fees are generally much lower on the expectation that you're not spending all day driving around downtown).

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