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Comment Re:Senator Wyden: (Score 1) 133

Would *you* risk getting detained for an indefinite period, however illegally, just because you want to assert that your constitutional rights are being violated? Of course I can appreciate the sentiment behind what you are saying, but people are bending over and taking this kind of crap at the borders not because they particularly *want* any appearance of increased security, but because they just want to fucking go home, and cooperating fully with the border agents, even the ones who might abuse their position, and even if your rights are being violated, is generally expected to be the most expedient path to that end.

That's precisely the fucking problem. People are no longer willing to be even inconvenienced to stand up for their civil rights, earned by the very blood of those who came before them.

Comment Senator Wyden: (Score 4, Informative) 133

I certainly appreciate the sentiment, and I hope your endeavor is successful. Far too many freedoms are forfeited at the border, and at Customs during TSA "interviews".

Although it should go without saying, and certainly without legislating, once American citizenship is established at these checkpoints the full protection of the Constitution against unlawful search and seizure immediately kicks in.

Comment Re:what a coincidence! (Score 1) 178

Walmart recently ditched its Prime competitor, shipping pass, that offered free two day shipping for $49... half the cost of a Prime membership.

They also recently purchased online retailer Jet (for $3 billion cash and $300 million in stock) to compete with the Amazon juggernaut.

Amazon has fended off the other giant retailer very effectively, thus far.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 879

FD: I would never be confused with a person who has movie-star good looks, but I've been hit on in the work place by coworkers, often subordinate employees.

Wherever men and women congregate, there will be attempts to encourage that act linked to procreation; in and of itself, a simple proposition is not harassment.

Comment Re:dealership only sales and service coming soon? (Score 3, Informative) 101

Dealerships that tote-the-note are familiar with, and quite fond of, maintaining control of some of the apps on your vehicle.

If you miss a payment or two, they can (sometimes) use GPS to locate the vehicle, disable it remotely, and activate the horn if the vehicle is being sequestered nearby.

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