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Comment Re:If the state of the website is any indication . (Score 1) 382

Nobody can reasonably argue with shared risk, but the IRS coerced nature of *this* law, coupled with the rather skewed premium pricing (laying a heavy burden on the young "invincibles" to push down premiums for the old, fat, smokers, and the chronically ill) leaves a lot of room for debate.

Calling them "dumb fucks" is juvenile and only closes their minds further against your position.

Genuine health reform will not happen until legal reform happens first. By adopting a European model of loser-pays in civil litigation, the caseload will drop with malpractice premiums to sane levels.

Comment Re:DVDs only live for 7 years (Score 1) 122

Never gave a second thought to storage of CDs. I have a very old CD collection - many discs from the 1980s. After reading this, I ran in a panic to see if they still play. Hmmm. they all still play and are rippable. I am a photographer. Have backed up images onto several standard file boxes of CDRs, from 1999-2003, then copied to DVDRs (just filling the first standard file box), then large HDs. They are jammed in sleeves, not jewel cases. Random samples all play. It is the hard drive backups that are miserable failures.

Submission + - Mcrosoft denies search bias as Bing shills Xbox One (

robogun writes: Typing "The Xbox One is " in a search box produces polar opposite results according to the Atlantic. The result is what you'd expect: on Google the Xbox one is "terrible" or full of DRM; on Bing, the Xbox One is "amazing."

Predictably Microsoft denies fiddling with the parameters of their predictive search.

Comment Re:This is the best way of gun control (Score 1) 656

The right to firearms possession is Constitutionally guaranteed to not be infringed. In the same part of the Constitution that guarantees your right to free speech, to not be unreasonably searched, to due process, jury trials, excessive punishment, etc.

If your argument is followed, expect the other rights to be annulled, and no way to stop it.

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