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Comment Re:transit is (or can be) good (Score 2) 382

i'd argue that if you have to sit in rush hour traffic twice a day, the infrastructure is not really that well set up. (i.e., not enough lanes for the number of commuters)
subways and trains are much better people movers than buses which in turn are much better people movers than passenger cars.

Comment Re:minidisc is where its happening! (Score 1) 564

i for one loved my MD player. ran basically forever on a single AA battery, reusable disks that could hold quite a lot of music (several hours, if you dialed down the quality), could do line-in recording etc.

The problem wasn't so much with the format, but with sony's fucked up software. (also the plummeting price of flash storage didn't help with adoption)

But the format itself was nice. A durable, reusable disk, with a a pretty small form factor.

Comment Re:Installation cost? (Score 1) 191

Well, there's a reason they're doing this kind of trial/test run on this island. Of course it won't immediately be at maximum efficiency, but that's why things like this are done. To learn how to do it better in the future.

Give Tesla a few years of practice at these sorts of deployments, allow for greater economies of scale, and the costs will go down dramatically.

What you're saying is essentially akin to claiming passenger air traffic is impossible, based upon the results at kitty hawk.

Comment Re:do we want smog like china? (Score 1) 111

It's a trade off you see; as a renowned amateur sociologist/economist i'd wager that 90% of the social issues in the US are directly attributable to outsourcing industry.

You take away the low-skill manufacturing jobs that are/were the bedrock of a modern economy, and you're left with scads of really poor, desperate people with nothing to lose.

Look at the economic success stories of the 20th century.. China, Brazil, South Korea, hell even Poland to an extent -- they DID NOT improve their economic standing with that attitude. they build stuff in their country. they export stuff.

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