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Comment Bingo: Facebook is a marketing channel (Score 1) 142

Only post advertisements for your business. Don't put personal shit on the internet.

I know a self-employed gal (belly dancer / teacher) who uses facebook very well as a way to get gigs and keep her classes full. It's about her, of course, but she uses it more like a big-shot CEO uses twitter - promotion and influencing - than as a view on her personal life - she doesn't even list her kid or hubby on relations, nor does she share pictures of them.

That's the right way to use it - it's all potentially public to everyone, but she gets a revenue boost by using it so it's a win/win for her.

Comment Re:But... (Score 3) 180

Without a CEO, how will we ever be able to make sure that corporate assets are sold off to third parties and then leased back in order to show a huge short-term profit that generates a huge year-end bonus while simultaneously stripping the company of value and driving it toward bankruptcy?

Don't worry, in the USA, we have private equity (see: vulture capital) firms who go out and buy such companies using loaned money [1], install their own CEO and do exactly that - they pay back the loans they used to buy the company from the assets the company owns.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:Competition is good! (Score 1) 84

I'm sure this wasn't a paid posting... but ignoring that, this is just a promotional rate. "until the promotional pricing expires on March 31, 2018. After which pricing goes up to $160". Personally, I'd rather go with a straight forward tmobile plan.

Is it just a contract rate offered for signups during that period? I'm too lazy to look, but my TMO Simple Choice plan prices are still honored for ongoing monthly charges and including the new-line rate - meaning I can add a new line for $10/mo and still pay the same rates I did when I signed up 4 years ago ($160 total for 10 lines excluding extras, all with 2.5GB base).

So maybe this just means that Sprint will cease offering this pricing in 2018.

Comment Re:Connected devices (Score 1) 229

Not intending to buy such appliances is only an option right now.

We don't know if that option will remain open in the future.

Personally, I think it's good to call out the bullshit now before it gains any momentum.

While simultaneously thinking of and implementing ways to kneecap such devices' traitorous behavior.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 155

You're already being tracked.

I don't need anything worthwhile

I guess you don't value your time or have more of it than you know what to do with.

I guess you'd prefer to simply *trust* Amazon to tell you a) they're not monitoring you all the time surreptitiously, or b) (more likely) they have a backdoor that the Feds or Police can use at-will whenever they want.

You know, if I have to trust Amazon (or Google or Apple) all the time to not be compelled to give up my privacy for any random investigation, just for a bit of convenience, I think I'll pass also.

Meanwhile enjoy your extra chocolate ration, citizen! The Ministry of Plenty thanks you!

Comment Re:Bring broadband to all Americans... (Score 1) 292

It's still better to have it be available at some price than not available at all. If the infrastructure gets built, future administrations have more ability to reign in the abuses.

Whatever happened keeping free market actually free? Seems the Obama excuses for bigger government are now parroted by Trump except replace government with telcos.
Lets do what Clinton did and give Telcos a bunch of money and hope they have our best interests at heart!

Comment Re:Not ready for "Prime" time (Score 1) 22

Concur. How do I opt out of this?

It'd be nice if it were relevant, but they seem like VERY poorly targeted ads. I buy none of that shit (mostly cosmetics). My wife may have purchased some years ago in the past, but honestly, I get all order in my email, and perusing my folder show like zero hits in the past 4 years.

WTF Amazon?

Comment What is this "ethernet jack" you speak of (Score 2) 172

well gosh golly gumpers, I can also plug an evil thing into the ethernet jack, and then plug that evil thing into the wired network, and do all manner of bad also. Hell I can substitute an evil hub for a good one and do even more bad. where will it end?


I have no ethernet jack - I have a Mac, you insensitive clod.

Comment False Equivalence, anyone? (Score 1, Interesting) 98

When the first generation Macbook airs showed up with defects that caused overheating leading to the machine throttling what did Apple do?

You're literally comparing mild overheating on the Apple notebook with the Samsung product that the FAA has asked removed from planes because it's a danger to passengers.

Right on. I see where you're coming from!

Comment Re:all your searches are belong to us (Score 1) 113

I think Google made Chrome was to help drive the internet the way they wanted it to go (you can take that however you want).

Amusingly, before Chrome browser existed, Google funded Mozilla pretty heavily. So their motives haven't changed - just their execution. Chrome was essentially using webkit earlier, then forked off it's own engine (blink).

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