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Comment Re:So Oracle won (Score 1) 113

In sum, the committee says, "Cover Oregon failed for two main reasons: The state acted as their own system integrator (like, and the state tried to revamp its entire health care system, not just build an exchange."

Seems to me that the state had more to do with it than Oracle. I am sure you are great at making "simple credit card web app" but if you have ever done anything with healthcare in the US it is a nightmare. And yes I currently work building software for healthcare in the US at a state level.

So they're paying millions of dollars for Oracle to claim they don't know how to do it? Maybe it is Oracle's fault after all... sales says "ok, we'll pad the budget, but it should be dead simple" and then implementation teams come in and realize they were actually undersold and then begin trying to suck all the blood out of a walking-dead project.

Oracle is at fault here for saying they knew the fuck what they were doing.

Comment One data point++ (Score 1) 63

For what it is worth, as an iPhone 6 user on T-Mobile who did the upgrade yesterday I have not had any problem. I just verified that I can call myself and make outgoing calls. Whatever the problem is it apparently doesn't affect everybody.

Increment the counter for me. No issues, same situation.
Could it be location specific, perhaps?

Comment Re:Obstructionism... (Score 3, Interesting) 99

No matter where you are on the political spectrum, you have to admit to the obstructionism which the Republicans have used over the last 8 years.

This has effectively meant that nothing has been done (mostly) except the bare minimum, for the last 8 years.

The really amusing (read: evil) part of this is that these are the same crowd who then complain that "government can't do anything". Well, duh... it's a goddamn self-fulling prophecy if they're the ones in power and do nothing.

These clowns should get held in contempt of Congress and held without bail at Club Fed until they cough up the records.

Just imagine if these guys were Democrats... imagine the GOP uproar...

Comment Re:Apple is jumping the shark pretty hard now (Score 1) 495

There is no excuse to eliminate an audio jack from a phone, much less a Macbook. Too many complications with wireless headphones and microphones, and peripherals to add the functionality back just add to clutter for a portable device.

You might be a bit late to the protest march - they did that over a year ago and it still sold - the USBC Macbook has no headphone port.

To be honest many many BT headphones and speakers have "multipoint" and can pair with several input sources, and switch on the fly. Even my old LG HBS730 (3 year old model - keep it as backup) does multipoint.

Comment Re:Reductio ad Absurdum (Score 1) 284

If The Matrix were able to simulate chemical reactions, such as we are seeing in abrupt climate change, then there would be no need for humans to be used as batteries. Just because a banker in the necrocene can't accept that his precious capitalism is causing our immanent extinction, in no way should he be allowed to speak for the algorithm that controls his mind. Come to think of it, why can't we have an algorithm, crowd sourced by mathematical truths and overseen by humanity, to run for President?

The Matrix (movie) had it wrong -we're not batteries, we're processors... and maybe by overheating us, it's like overclocking. Read Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons

Comment Re:50 audiobooks? (Score 1) 60

Of course they are. Audible prices are a massive rip-off. The high prices ensure most people do not use it, but there are enough that do that make it very profitable. but when you have them sponsoring well know tech people, effectively spamming many pod/tv-casters, who never shut the fuck up about the service, you have to wonder how much more successful they'd be coming down a book prices and saving the spam-verts. It would also be nice if they increased the quality. There's no excuse for the massively over-compressed low bandwidth shite they peddle these days. We're not dealing with dial-up downloads.

I honestly use and love Audible as I commute often and I share Prime with my family who also read the audiobooks. I do agree they're ripe for disruption, but book publishers have been successful in pushing against disruption of the existing licensing/pricing model, and Audible is (so far) the best experience.

I'm fine paying $15 (or less) for a good read (getting 47h of Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon for 1 credit feels like theft). Not sure what you're talking about w/r/t quality - it's decent.

Comment 50 audiobooks? (Score 5, Insightful) 60

That's a pretty limited subset of the thousands of books at Audible.

So it's more of a teaser (that happens to rotate every month). Just like Prime Video - where they make it difficult for you to search for free video, and try to sell you to buy the non-free Amazon video.

Cross-promotion within the company's product suites? Wake me up when they get serious.

Comment Let me break it down for you (Score 1) 148

Actually, all of the conspiracy-theorists I know are all extremely left-leaning.

Actually, it depends.

The left-leaning ones talk about how the good government is being corrupted by evil businesses. The right-leaning ones talk about how the evil government is fighting good businesses.

You see it all makes sense if you add in well known problems like the revolving door [1] and regulatory capture [2].
In this case the evil/corrupt corporations (and their wealthy owners) take over the government (and vice-versa), and then fight the good business to help out their evil cronies.

Finally, the combination of these two work together to perform rootkits on democracy like the Citizens United ruling, and the TPP/TTIP/TISA, so they can corrupt and dominate other countries as well.

It works if you think of corruption like an infection.


Comment Reference for those who didn't get the memo... (Score 1) 272

Hell, they probably got exploited by exploits they hoarded and were discovered independently.

But hey, remember folks, everything should have a Government-approved back door in it which only the Government can use, just in case they need access. It'll absolutely be secure...

Just like that time Microsoft thought the Clipper chip was a great idea and lost the master key to their entire Surface subscriber encrypted disks?

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