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Comment It's a dead end for a career (Score 1) 140

because you'll never have much in the way of networking opportunities. Sooner or later a bean counter will lay you off and you won't be able to shuffle onto another department because nobody knows you.

I guess if you're OK with moving from job to job, but as you get older and can't work the 10-12 hour days most companies get out of a programmer these days you'll hit a wall in your mid 40s and end up screwed.

Comment It's the other way around doofus (Score 1) 481

we're upset because after nearly a decade of the right chanting Lock Her Up that resulted in the worst presidency in history (and we're 30 days in) we're damn well going to point out that the right are a bunch of hypocrites. Nobody ever cared about the emails. They hated Hilary. What bothers me most about the Hilary hate is it was mostly manufactured. A bunch of wealthy and powerful men decided the country was going to hate Hilary Clinton and it did. We all did exactly as planned. My God, we're a bunch of shleps...

Comment What the devil are you on about? (Score 3, Insightful) 370

I think in your own rambling way you're trying to say that without the struggle for survival folks will fall to Ennui. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. There's plenty of things folks can do to amuse themselves. And 99% of us are just fine wearing the same cloths and watching the same things as everyone else. Have you checked what the top websites are lately? There's not that many of them.

You yell out loud that the Utopia can't exist but you haven't given a lick of evidence. Meanwhile I can point out that folks who are independently wealthy do just fine at finding stuff to do. People don't need to worry about where their next meal is coming from to be content. If they did the Netherlands would be a wasteland.

Comment You're not thinking it through either (Score 1) 370

the point is the phase "Robot Tax". It's simple, easy to understand and feels good. We're not taxing Job Creators we're taxing those job stealing robots.

If you're interested in the welfare of the average citizens one of the most important things you need to figure out is how to get them to accept the help they so desperately need. To put it another way: Ayn Rand would have died homeless if a friend hadn't convinced her to accept Social Security.

Comment Same way you do income tax (Score 1) 71

require companies to attribute profits to robots and go from there.

I suppose there are other schemes, but the appeal of a Robot tax is not in how easy it is to implement. It's in the phrase "Robot Tax". It's simple, it makes sense and it solves one of the age old problems of socialism: labeling taxation theft. You're not taxing the man, your taxing his robots.

It's silly. We should just recognize that all human beings are due a good life and work towards that end but well, humans are greedy, dumb and easily manipulable. What's that old quote? A person is smart, People are dumb.

Comment That's not how property tax works in the States (Score 1) 71

Property tax is used to fund schools, primarily so that well to do neighborhoods don't have to fund schools in poor neighborhoods. It also serves to keep lower income people out of higher income areas by adding an additional financial burden to home ownership.

One thing it is _not_ used for is to control wealth inequality in the way your suggesting. We used to use high marginal tax rates (90% on amounts over $12 million/year if you adjust for inflation) combined with heavy corporate and business taxes to discourage folks from hiding wealth in companies. Regan started tearing that down and Clinton finished the job.

Comment Most people aren't reading /. (Score 1) 489

And no, birth control is not readily available and cheap in most of America. It's easy to get short sighted and focus on the far West & East ( California and upstate NY) and ignore the mid-west, the south, and even Florida. Hell, my 18 year old kid's birth control pills are $60/mo without insurance. I've got an above average job that covers them but it also costs $500/mo in premiums. Not exactly what I'd call affordable.

As for available, again, try getting it down south. There's an entire religion that thinks it's a sin and works hard to keep it out of folks hands. In a lot of places they're winning.

Step out of your shell and you'll find the world at large is a much, much worse place than you think it is...

Comment That's easy for you to say (Score 1, Troll) 489

because of this: "I make enough money that I didn't really have to choose".

Most folks don't really get to choose. A substantial percentage of the populace has no or restricted access to birth control and well, it's a biological imperative for a reason. Hell, until recently getting knocked up at 30 was a death sentence (Voltaire's mistress wrote of getting her papers in order when she found out she was pregnant because she didn't expect to live).

As someone who never had the shit kicked out of them in life it's easy to see the good in raising a child. For the rest of us (at least 60% if statistics on people with more than $500 in the bank are to be believed) if we're at all reasonable then it seems bat-shit crazy. A horrible thing for both you and the child who will undoubtedly be miserable as poverty inevitably crushes them down like it did their parents...

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