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Comment It's the only reason (Score 1) 142

my kid wanted an iPhone. It's their biggest source of vendor lock in. And what would they get out of Android users installing the app? Best case scenario $1.99. Even porting iTunes would be a waste. Apple's a hardware company, not a music company. The only possible benefit to Apple is to draw people into the fold, and they just don't need to do that.

Comment The world wars were only a thing (Score 2) 132

because of tech. Airplanes and Machine Guns and Bombs and such. A good chuck of the reasons for the Great Depression were tech, especially when you strip away the esoteric monetary policy explanations.

Root cause is still tech changes happening too fast for society to adjust. Least as far as I can tell.

Comment Everything's consolidating (Score 1, Interesting) 132

this is the inevitable consequence of out of control wealth inequality. When you let the rich have all the money they've got very little left to spend it on besides conquest. This is how it was for humanity for thousands of years. The last 100 or so were a fluke brought on by the rapid advance of technology. Stop it now or you'll never see that 'fluke' again.

Comment The Walmart effect (Score 1) 70

I know it's a problem. As soon as they've KO'd their competition they'll jack up prices and things will be a lot worse. But what am I suppose to do? I don't buy a lot of stuff I don't need (a video game or two a year). Since my income doesn't keep pace with inflation (I'm not even gonna say "any more", it never has) the only way to keep my head above water is hope I can find somebody willing to sell me stuff cheaper. Yeah, It's a race to the bottom. But I don't see myself getting a new set of wheels this year (e.g. higher paying job) and the only way out of this race is to crash and burn Dale Earnhardt style...

Comment The trouble with mass shootings (Score 1) 425

is that they can happen to anyone, including the well off. Those "normal" shootings tend to be the lower castes shooting each other. That's why the mass shootings get all the noise. I don't care of two drug dealers blow each other away. If I'm middle class I probably don't care that the occasional kid gets caught in the cross fire. When somebody walks into an upscale theatre and starts blowing everyone away I start caring.

This goes back to my original comment, which is that gun control didn't get anywhere until whites wanted to take guns away from blacks.

Anyway, getting back to your point, you're more or less right. If we actually want to stop gun violence (and violence in general) the solution is to attack wealth inequality and legalize drugs. I'm all for that.

Comment I'm a socialist (Score 1) 425

I talk to plenty of them. We've got our nuts. Our version of the alt-right. We ignore them, same as the right. They're much less loud and much less potent since they lack a fox news equivalent ( MSNBC isn't even close, they're still pretty conservative on economics outside of Rachel Maddow who's got her hands full defending gay rights).

The goal, by and large, is to stop the mass shootings and suicides. If we thought we could get the right wing to pay for mental health services we'd all shut the hell up about guns. You do know it was the Black Panthers and fear of the Bloods and Crips (remember Colors?) that made gun control a thing, right? The right wing didn't want blacks to have guns. Reminds of of one of the funniest things I've ever seen: A bunch of alt-right douche bags thought they'd go scare some Muslims by cruising by their church with their AR-15s; apparently unaware that the Nation of Islam was something a little different :P

Comment It'd be nice for AR-15s (Score 1) 425

you don't usually use one of those to scare off a bugler, you use a pistol (to be fair, the AR-15 _was_ designed from the ground up for killing men, but I digress).

Put it on your target shooters and "hunting" rifles. That way when some depressed teenager reaches for it (either to shoot themselves or someone else) it doesn't work. Good friend of my brother's, Amazing singer, killed himself that way. Temporary chemical depression that coulda been treated. But pulling the trigger's real, real easy...

Comment You use an AR-15 to protect your home (Score 1) 425

or a pistol? The guns that scare the libtardos (because they're used over and over in mass shootings) are either "hunting" rifles (if /. allowed css fonts I'd make those quotes bigger) or used for target practice. If you were planing on using them against the United States Military when Crooked Hilary gets elected it'll be too late by then. You and your AR-15 don't stand a chance against a modern mechanized army with supply lines and tactical training. If freedom's your bag start trying to figure out the wealth inequality problem. Money is freedom. It's the only thing that really matters. People don't oppress you for the hell of it. They want your money.

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