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Comment Re:My plan for a Samsung turnaround (Score 1) 36

I hope it is not that idiot who decided they could save $5 per phone by eliminating user removable batteries and boost sales by killing future resale of used Samsung phones, that dude cost them billions and will likely to try to keep their job by trying to keep fixed batteries (I wonder how many decades it will take for the tiny savings in going from a user replaceable battery to a fixed battery compared to the losses created by doing that, if ever).

Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 1) 266

It has nothing to do with tracking it has to do with freedom in a capitalist society. With cash in pocket you are free in a capitalist society without cash you are asking permission to exist. You buy nothing without cash, you only ask permission and a distant faceless corporation decides whether to grant you permission to access the essentials of life or starve you to death.

Capitalism and cash or capitalism must go. I am not going to be a fucking slave to corporations asking 24/7/365 for permission to survive. Cook is an idiot.

Comment Re:They are publicly buying votes in Pike County, (Score 1) 144

You can not do it, if the vote is anonymous. That is the real danger, that stupid selfie thing is a direct threat against democracy. Allow selfies and you allow selfies to be forced. Vote the way you are told to or else and I want to see the selfie. How many freaks would force that on their family members or on others. Get caught taking a selfie vote and you should spend a week behind bars. The threat against democracy is extreme and should be punished.

Comment Easy Scan?!? (Score 0) 108

Ain't no easy scan there pal, hack that device and you have a bomb strapped to you and I can assure the scan you receive will not be easy at all. One thing I will never want is a M$ device scanning me and letting other people know whether or not they should open fire on me, real world BSOD, definitely not something to ever trust M$ with or any slimy off shoots of it.

Comment Re: But..... (Score 1) 191

So what you are saying is M$ can basically shove it where you wont allow their probe to go ;). The brand damage they are doing is mind boggling, so perverse, so uncool, just plain nasty. They are going to have real trouble selling anything into the retail market and it will only get worse. They are going to have to buy another company, in order to use their name for retail sales, to try to get the MS stank off anything they sell, what is going through their minds, I do not know, the sheer unmitigated arrogance.

Comment Re:and if I shoplift a rack full of CD's it's just (Score 1) 112

Woah there pardner. I went to an outlet, they said we own this and watch this commercial and you can have it, exchange of labour for the product. So I provided them with the use of my time, something I consider to be of valuable worth and in turn they let me download the free copy they promised me in return for my time. Consider anyone, absolutely any can buy a copy of that content and should they so choose sell it by what ever means possible and to whom ever possible, keep in mind the actual real value of that content as an individual copy, say a $1 (most of the other costs being advertising, distribution, retail premises, sales staff, profit margin, profit margin, profit margin - more than one bite at that particular cherry, which they in fact claim to be avoiding and hence only one profit margin instead of three, making it cheaper so they claim).

So they can not charge for theft or even copyright infringement (well not you, the other individual definitely), just the very slightest bit of tax evasion, you did not pay income tax for IRS percentage of the revenue earned, the worth of the content provided. Well you really did not get paid, as you copy is infringing and worthless and you can not sell it.

Comment Re:Why shouldn't they? (Score 2) 92

More accurately, a truck with a crew of four, hiding around the corner, travels half an hour, sets up for 20 minutes, works for 5 minutes and then charges for an hour and promptly drives off, to hide around the corner again. How many thousands of dollars do you think it cost and how many thousands of dollars do you thing they will charge and never forget it's you that pays for that bullshit.

Comment Re:will they pay for that? even if there are high (Score 1) 116

Will they pay for the psychological damage of those texts. Consider they are not taking into account the specific psychological health of the people in question, just, meh fuck em, make it easier for us and will get is that promotion. So mentally challenged person, someone was just murdered near you, oh my god, it could have been you and by the by, yes we are watching you, we know were you were and we know where you are. So morons, how much damage do you think that message would do to a mentally ill individually under going therapy. How much damage would it do to normal people just minding their own business. Seriously, what the fuck.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Interesting) 116

Defend volkswagen how about this. Senior executives decided to scam the public and sell more vehicles to pump up their bonuses without doing the additional work. So investors got cheated with a scam to over pay executives for a lie and then paid the fine for being victims of that scam. How the fuck about we start sending corrupt executives to jail instead of making the people who pay the wages of the corrupt executives and who got cheated, always ending up paying.

Comment Re:Checks out anecdotally (Score 1) 136

How about comparing edge of windows 10 to Firefox on Ubuntu and then see which is truly faster, no comparison, Firefox on Ubuntu eats the probe alive. The only advantage edge gets is the coding lie, already running in the background whether you use the browser or not (edge prying into your life, even when you run Firefox), just like the lie about faster boots with delayed service start (most applications will simply not run until delayed start services have finally launched). Just more M$ marketing bullshit and you can bet they make sure that Firefox runs as slow as possible on Windows anal probe 10.

Comment Re:Transparancy (Score 0) 58

You know what you will get with Don Don, a very pissed off and angry President who will likely pursue every single corrupt Democrat and Republican he can and you know, you just know, the more he gets, the louder his crowd will scream and the more Don Don, will pursue the,. There is a good reason the establishment is in panic mode, Don Don, will most probably go through them like roto rooter. Now that will be oh so amusing, watch them scatter overseas like roaches escaping the light, the ugly light, torches and pitchforks, they have good reason to be afraid. Don Don, will pretty much ignore everything else in order to pursue revenge with passion.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 4, Insightful) 283

To explain why it should be illegal. Hey dude, what are you doing with that bike. Crook cuts lock just as the person attempting to stop them gets close. Now that person trying to uphold the law and protect someone's bike, gets the dose, retching and disorientated stumbles back onto the road and gets run over by a bus. Congratulations the crook that actually cut the lock, took off and received a minimal dose and you just killed someone.

If that is not bad enough for you, kids will be kids and the temptation to wear away at the lock so that it will fail just as you the owner try to unlock it, will be irresistible quite a few naughty children. Speaking of wear and tear, why is it, that you think it would be suitable to sell someone and wear and tear time bomb (you could imagine, bringing your bike in, greeting your family and accidentally dropping an old lock hard enough that the seal breaks and wow, will you family not be happy to see you).

Want to ride your bike to places and not have it stolen, start demanding bike lockers in addition to car parks. So open locker, hook up front wheel to raise the bike in a more compact vertical position, shut locker and insert $1 coin, set combination, timer starts, get back in time or locker opens and advertises bike for sale ;). You could squeeze quite a few lockers in two carparks. Counting numbers of customers, 2 inconvenienced to provide for 30 customers and not that expensive, say $250 a locker, last pretty much a life time, apart from the lock :(. What to accelerate installations, demand legislation to require bike lockers at all retail locations (number of bike lockers required per number of car parks, for planning requirements those lockers spaces should still count as car parks, car parks are really expensive to put in, far and away more expensive than most people think). The do really need to be vertical though, so push front wheel onto hook and rotate large counter weighted lever, to raise and rotate bike into vertical position.

Comment Re:Colossus (Score 1) 210

Reality is though artificial intelligence is far more likely to go into an effective coma (cyclic loops) rather than plot anything. Failing in the case of artificial intelligence means actual failing, not naughty algorithms. So more along the lines of attempt to perform, fail, attempt to perform, fail and those attempts and failure spreading through out the system. So rather than AI on a plane attempting to crash on purpose, it will simply go into a spreading series of infinite loops, lock up the controls and as a result the plane crashes. So AI would be an extremely bad idea on any critical systems and single controllers are also a stupid idea. Many parallel specific appliances working together is much safer, whilst in conjunction they might appear like AI, whilst in reality they are just carrying out their really tied down functions.

AI's only real use in reality is communicating with us mud monkeys. Conveying out intents to each other, no matter the language and of course allowing us to communicate with the many parrallel appliances (if one appliance goes down you lose one feature, if a central AI goes down you lose everything). So you only really simulate AI with many appliances working together for most uses.

The reason why the AI for communications, well, have you tried telling a computer what to do, have you tried much voice to type, how about using translation services and for the majority just trying to communicate at all with computers. So yeah, he is technically right, AI for most applications is a really bad idea not because they will be naughty, but that they will lock up, leading to system wide failures. We do definitely need AI for communication purposes though (that can also be very badly abused, not by the AI but by those controlling the AI, so hmm).

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