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Comment Re:Taste Score (Score 1) 74

How about volume of food consumed, energy density of food and digestibility of foods. Train on low energy density foods with low digestibility (rate of digestion) and switch to high energy density food, with high digestibility and you will get fat ie you continue to eat the same volume of food more often to sustain the same sense of fullness and hence you store much more fat.

As for cooking foods to enjoy a healthier and tastier diet, what craving do you miss the most, that lazy ass one where you do not have to get up and do all the prep and all the cooking and all the serving, just wrip, drop, bing, plop, all in minutes. Pretty much the less effort you put into food the fatter you will likely become and the more work you do in order to obtain a meal, the thinner you will become. So in the city, walk 2 km to the store, carry you raw ingredients back and than prepare them and then eat them. Double plus, huge limit in snacking as a snack, unless it is leftovers, can take a couple of hours and whole bunch of effort, snack (no leftovers), meh, maybe later and you basically keep putting it off until it is time for a proper meal (I do admit, you tend also to become much more skilled at left overs).

Comment Re:Yes, but it won't happen any time soon (Score 1) 122

I gather the concept of virtual robotics eludes you. Virtual robotics is about creating a virtual environment in which the robotic logic functionality is tested outside of the need to actually assess and interpret a real environment. The animated robot has accurate exact knowledge of it's virtual environment and can interact to with it based upon pre-defined rules. It is also useful for advancing robot logic without being bound by the need to assess and interpret real environments in real time. The initial robotic interactions can be all simple wire frame (as long as the motions reflect bio-mechanics) and once complete can be rendered to flesh them out. For the rendering, just look at what could be achieved 10 years ago, to what can be achieved today, to forecast what will be achieved in ten years time, than twenty, than fifty. Actors aside from live stage work are doomed, simply not worth dealing with the narcissists (as is the nature of the majority of actors).

Comment Re:Misread the headline... (Score 1) 249

Read the real headline "Microsoft just added the best way of preventing installation of bloatware in Windows 10", doublespeak at it's most glorious, what a pack of shit heads at M$. Yeah, gods those fucking arseholes are selling store lock in as a benefit to end users. Windows 10 you are so dead to me (keep in mind M$ has altered user chosen preferences repeatedly on compulsory upgrades). How stupid do they think we are, seriously, the arrogance is just mind boggling.

Comment Re:Smart enough to REALLY f*ck things up??? (Score 1) 207

IQ is not a measure of intelligence it is a measure of learning ability, which is why it is tied to age ie the amount of time one has had to learn all sorts of stuff prior to the test (stuff in this case being the stuff in the test). It is not a measure of things like psychopathy or narcissism or belief maintenance (think belief in reproduction as an example, which is why religious nuts are such prolific breeders, even forced breeding through violence). There are a whole range of genetic traits which establish preferential thought patterns (think thought cycles repeated and tens of thousands of times a second, which are actually a cyclic pattern on top of the molecular chain reaction which is much faster but still cyclic, think localised versus extensive) ie the direction in which thoughts will tend to flow due to cross correlation thought pattern tendencies as affected by brain chemicals (flow this way feel better, flow that way feel worse, feel good or bad is a really bad measure, feel better or worse is far more accurate).

AI is more a collective term for the application of computer learning algorithms, dependent upon task or element of task to be learned and cross correlated with out learning elements. Interesting thing in there, is what needs to be ignored and forgotten (getting an AI to ignore irrelevant data and delete unnecessary data, else AI in affect will go crazy ie lock up).

Comment Re:Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 2) 531

I am thinking what a pack of whiny shallow pricks. The taxes they pay are more than the wages of those on minimum wage and those fucking whiny arseholes do not give one fuck about how people on minimum wage are meant to live. They just demand those minimum wage workers serve their every single whiny demand. I wander how many of those ass hats support raising the minimum wage or demand it be reduced or eliminated because they can not afford to be served sufficiently by the 'not real job and hence do not deserve real pay, pay them even less class' on a wage of $150,000 per year.

From the corporate view point of course there is a shift, how to attract tech workers whilst paying them less. Obviously make it easier and more enjoyable for them to live near the point of employment, offering better lifestyle and living conditions, with relocation and home establishment support services, coupled with easier access to immigration services.

If it does not make a difference where you company is located is terms of production, distributions and sales, obviously it should be located to suit staffing requirements. So can the wage of those whiny pricks (they deserve that because many of them do not give one fuck about people on minimum wage and even go so far as to claim those minimum wage earners should be paid less to promote more employment), be effectively halved, so instead of $150,000 they are paid say $60,000 but they are offered a far better access to accommodation and lifestyle, for them and their families, even future citizenship in a more 'quality of life', focused country, as well as assurances of extended employment ie not fired the first second you are not required (problem in that part, who they fuck would believe future employment claims from any modern psychopathic styled corporation).

Comment Re:Partnered Streamers (Score 1) 23

Are game streamers,a business or are they just scammers. Spending the 'working life', pretending the games they are playing are fun more fun to play, than in reality they are. Gaming to sell games, so the fake fun gamer channel Twitch, should be selling games because that is exactly what they are doing in reality, selling games as being far more fun to play, than in reality they are. So what would the proper psychological analysis of the game play styles of twitch streamers versus more normal play pattern styles, that fake interests and exuberance, that overly expresses play style, at least for the camera.

Comment Re:Crazy Displays (Score 1) 77

Not so much a waste of pixels as a waste of processing power and battery life. There is really stupid waste in unnecessarily pushing around what amounts too invisible pixels. Basically marketdroid fuckwits in corporations taking over from engineers. Of course not user removable battery means a big no on the phone for me. When a phone manages to achieve an unstable state, nothing is more effective than popping the battery.

Comment Re:Not viable on Windows 10 (Score 1) 227

I seems I must remind everyone. Windows 10 admin rights can not be turned off. Sure you can knock out your 'limited' admin rights but you can not shut down M$'s over arching admin rights which they demand and have basically implemented as a root kit implement, that is impossible for you to remove. So great big ole fat lie, you can not longer shut down admin rights, except your own, specifically 'limited' admin rights, as one you install windows 10, you surrender all your rights to M$.

Comment Re:Yes, but it won't happen any time soon (Score 1) 122

Well, cheer up. Computing power and life like animation will kill Hollywood, dead. Animation studios will take over, which means, writers and graphic artists win and the current pseudo celebrity muppets will shrink in number back to stage work only. With animation engineering and virtual robotics (virtual actors), the amount of content to be produced and be auto translated will explode, coming from all over the world.

Comment Re:This won't fly. (Score 5, Interesting) 275

you would actually want three pin codes. One to open the phone, one to clear the phone and one to open the phone and call the police and leave the microphone open but shut down the speaker. Obviously the code for normal open would be the most complex but the other two codes could be simple and easy to remember and distinct eg 1235 and 0070.

Comment Re:History repeat itself. (Score 1) 142

Hmm, are you drunk or stoned. One hour of computer programming instruction in 9 years, what are they going to learn. This is a computer, this is how you turn it own, this is a programming language (what ever the language is), to put output on screen type this in - 'print(hello, world)', end of instruction. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK, the paper the legislation was written on was a fucking waste of paper. For fuck sake, want to teach computer programming then it has to be at minimum 2 hours a week for the full school year.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 2, Insightful) 1092

Getting drunk and doing stupid things is not racist, alchohol fucks everyone up, just in different ways, none good and many lethal. Now if only dude had been stoned, sure he could likely have shot himself whilst stoned trying to clean his second favourite toy but at least he would not have shot someone else. Guns and alchohol do not mix That is all that this story is about, once drunk, all logic and reason is gone to be replaced by alcohol fuelled depression and stupidity. Shooting people whilst drunk is either racist or xenophobic, it is simply alchohol fuelled stupidity. Would it have happened sober, no. Would it have happened stoned, no.

The reality is alcohol cost far more in losses to society than the profit it provides. Out suffering and wallets, are alchohol industry profits. For every dollar you spend buying alchohol, that alchohol will be spending another dollar in wasted taxes paying for the damage alchohol causes.

People are self medicating with all sorts of crap as a result of the stresses of psychopathic capitalism, it is time to ensure the mendicants do not cause more harm than good (people have a right to feel good, even if via intoxicants and fuck any sick fuck who demands people must fucking suffer, they must be fucking miserable, that they must slave and die on the inside every day, those people who demand it are disgusting).

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